Tuesday, August 27, 2013

RIP: Candy

My parents are putting my childhood dog to sleep this morning. I'm very sad. She has been our dog for close to 14 years now and this makes it extremely difficult, especially as I transition back into school life. 
                          I know my sister is severely impacted by this loss. 

Thanks for putting up with us when we put water on your head after swimming in the pool. You always were a good sport about that.

Thanks for snuggling after my first 25k race! You were a great companion!

             You always were my first kiss!

Thanks for letting me put the for sale on you, you were worth more than $20k to me. You were priceless! 

Christmas was your favorite! You couldn't wait to see everyone home or have the extended family over! 

We always loved to dress you up and you were fine. You went right along with it! 

Thanks for helping me navigate the teen years. They were especially hard and you were always by my side!

You loved Cheez its and Candy.. Hrm, wonder how that started? 

You even came to my first apartment, even when no dogs were allowed. You crashed it anyways! You were quite the adventurous spirit. You wanted to see who was taller.

Thanks for helping me realize a kid sister wouldn't be so bad after all and one day she would become one of my best friends.

 I will lose a great friend today who has helped me navigate some really tough waters... We survived the teen years, 4 years of moving back & forth between college, grad school years and finally the years before I was married. You were a fantastic dog, even though you ate a whole bag of jelly beans from underneath my bed and I will miss you dearly.


Britt said...

ooh Sarah that's hard! My mom put our dog down, when we were in high school, and our cat down when I was in my senior year at SAU. It's soooo hard! We had my cat for pretty much my whole life, like 19 years I think.

The day my mom put our dog down, we had known she was going to do it within a few days, and I got home from school and the house was just eerily quiet. At the base of the stairs leading up to my parents room I could hear wimpering..... it was really hard on my mom.

Two Runners Travel said...

So sorry Sarah. It is always so hard to lose a pet, especially a precious dog. Hugs to you and your family today!

Sarah said...

Thank you all for your love and support. It is so difficult. I could have never imagined losing a pet would be so hard.. Why don't they tell you these things at the pet store?

KelseyJ said...

Oh no...sweet Candy. I'm so sorry, Sarah. I miss my Zo too. :(

Bari said...

Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry :( My heart is breaking for you.

I'm remembering my first dog - also named Candy. She was such a sweetheart, just like yours.