Wednesday, August 28, 2013


After a difficult day yesterday, especially since I couldn't be there because I couldn't take my second day off from school, I decided I needed a little pick me up. I'm excited for Dumbo Double Dare, but the excitement hasn't hit me and I think it's because this week has been one difficult thing after another.. 

These cute little books could have not arrived at any better time! I was so excited to rip open these cute little books and start reading them. The pages are so colorful and each one has a little something different to offer.

"A Friendship to Bark About" was just what I needed to remind of my dear friend, Candy. It was humeous, lovely and reminded me of the wonderful things that dogs bring to a family. This a cute coffee table book or one to pass on to a friend.

 book title front
 "Put a Little Happy in your life" is hilarious. I laughed the entire way through without stopping. It has pictures of all these children doing crazy and fun things. You will laugh without a doubt. I was laughing so hard with tears. I passed this one on to a friend who I know needs a great laugh, but doesn't have time to read a book. This perfect!

book title front

 I am not a quilter by any spectrum of the imagination, but I love how beautiful they are. I don't have the patience, time or money to make one, but I love how they look. I wanted to learn more about Quilting and why women love this. "Every Quilt has a Story" is this fabulous little book that helps you remember the spirit of quilting, why women get together and tell stories on squares about their lives. It's quite inspiring and beautiful.
 book title front

 "I'd Rather Be Lost at the Cabin" describes my father perfectly. He would love to be outside any day than stuck at home. He loves the outdoors. This book is cute with lots of pictures, quotes and cute stories. I think this book is just beautiful.

I praying this week ends on a good note, we finish and have a great time in California. My expectations are low, I'm not looking for a PR, but just wanting to finish. 

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Britt said...

I have an aunt who would LOVE that quilting book! I'll have to remember that for Christmas...