Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Grace in the Maybe

Do you ever need a moment of Grace? Do you ever feel like you don't know everything there is know to about God, life,faith, how to raise kids or how to this Christian thing? Do you find yourself longing to be honest, but afraid of what others in your Christian circle might think? 

Grace In the Maybe is written by Katie Savage and is sure to make you laugh, cry and potientially want to throw the book. She uses a lot of humor, but gets to the meat of things and at times, that can be difficult to read. Her book is written in the liturgical calendar.  She starts the book in Advent, which is thought was kinda odd since this book released in the summer. Immediately, we begin talking about the "unexpected" when expected and we jump right into Christmas. I love the approach about Christmas. She makes you think how CRAZY Americans have gotten over this thing called "Black Friday" and how shoppers might fight for that one ticket item or the woman who has to have the "cashmere" sweater and will do whatever to find that sweater including harassing the saleswoman. What has Christmas come to? Where are we going as a country of consumers.
She moves into Epiphany and I immediately identify with as one who could have been employed during Biblical times as a "weeper and Mourner." As she cries at funerals, watching funerals on tv and at funerals of people she barely knows, I can identify. Except, I cry at weddings, movies, church services, funerals or normal day life stuff. I could totally be a "weeper and mourner" for life. I just loved this chapter.
We then walk through Easter and Pentecost. I could easily write a whole long review on this book.  I really liked one of the last chapters called "nice." Katie talks about this in a way that makes me want to love people, not just be nice. 
"We are nice in those brief interactions with drive thru-tellers and clerks at the department store- as we should be- but we all seem to realize that niceness is this sense is only a facade, a way to avoid rudeness, and unpleasant encounters." "There is no sacrifice in niceness, no difficulty, no striving.  It is manufactured, neat and perfect, predictable and uniform."
Ahh.. There it is... How can I be more kind and show love to people rather than be just "nice?" How can I go out of my way to make people feel important and loved?
I loved this book! It has been one of the better summer reads! I highly recommend this book. 
I received a copy of this book from Howard Books, I am not compensated for a positive review. The opinions expressed here are mine.

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Katie said...

Hi Sarah! Just wanted to say thanks for reading the book, and for your kind review! As a new author, I appreciate everything that gets the word out-- nobody knows who I am! :) Anyway, I'm really proud of the book, and I sincerely thank you for sharing it with your readers. All best, katie