Thursday, August 29, 2013

Find a cricket in Mickey?

This week, I posted something unusual on my twitter feed. I purchased this cute mickey Halloween Jack-o Lantern bucket. The reviews were awesome and I thought I couldn't go wrong. Many people said you could use it as a lantern or an awesome candy bucket for kids.
I thought about giving it to someone for their child to use on Halloween.I was so excited when it came in the mail, only to find this...

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 So, this was not the magic I was looking to find.. I thought it was a dead cricket, but upon further inspection, it was a grasshopper! DISGUSTING!
Anyways, I got a $10 credit to
I don't need a reason to shop on there, I'm so excited to find something else Halloween for my collection.  


Bari said...

I've heard of hidden Mickey's, but hidden grasshoppers? GROSS

Britt said...


Susan P said...

Oh my word, how completely STRANGE! Unless it was Jiminy. DID YOU KILL JIMINY????

Sarah said...

Sue P... Oh, no! It was him!