Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Double Dare Dumbo- Where are We?

This past Sunday, we did our final stretch of Double Dare Dumbo training. It hurt like you know what. I'm not sure how prepared I am for these back to back races. 

At this point with injuries abound, fighting to the finish line is my game plan. We timed out our 10k pace and we should be fine there. Our half is gonna be a crap shoot, depends on how tired our bodies are, which makes me a bit nervous. Our training time has been fine, but I know with the recent changes in medication, my body HATE IT and is fatigued a lot of faster! It also makes my breathing complete crap. Sigh. I'm gonna fight.

That said, it's next weekend and I just want to finish. Rant, done.

Speaking of Fighting, I had the opportunity read a new book by Graig Groeschel who is easily becoming one of my favorite authors.  He is the author of Wierd, Soul Detox, Christian Atheist, Altar Ego and his newest title "Fight".

Warning: This book is intended for men.

With that said, it was nice to get a mans perspective who I highly respect on how men can overcome the lies of the enemy. This book is focused on the story of Samson and how the three most common sins or battles that men fight are lust, pride and entitlement. He uses the story of Samson to help men and even women point out stuff in their own life. If you're a man or a woman trying to get a little perspective on your husbands battles, this book is for you.
 This book reads as a devotional, it took a little longer for me to get through it because I enjoyed a new devotional daily. This book isn't very big, so it doesn't take a long time to get through. If you're wanting a copy, it doesn't release till October 22, 2013. However, I can recommend other books or even sermons. They are great! 

This book was given to me for review and it contains my own opinions. I was not compensated for a positive review. 



Britt said...

Sarah you amaze me! Most people would just give up, try again next year! You're determination is impressive!

Sarah said...

Your friendship is more impressive!

Andrew Storm said...

Craig writes some good stuff, so I should read this because I liked his other works.