Friday, August 30, 2013

Death by Living Book Review- Giveaway

While we are in California right now, I thought it would be great to do a book review- giveaway! I'm also part of a book tour, so feel free to comment or get in on the giveaway, especially if your a new reader to my blog! I would love your following.

Death by Living is written by N.D. Wilson who is also known for his book "Notes from the Tilt a Whirl." Death by Living is about your life story. Every life is a story. "We are nothing more that molded clay given breath, but we are nothing less that divine self-portraits, huffing and puffing along mountain rages of epic narrative arcs prepared for us by the Infinite Word himself."

Your life is story. Where you are in this moment, right now, is telling a story. What do you smell? What do you hear? Who are you with? Are you where you're suppose to be? You didn't choose when you would arrive, but you chose the next step.
This book is composed of narratives of pivotal moments that led to life changing situations. Wilson is fantastic at narrating and drawing the reader into the experience.  

Time continues and moves on, we move with it. When we stop to embrace life or a specific moment in time, we find our being and a sense of peace. This book empowers you to look at the legacy you are leaving to future generations that will follow.

This book is a great read! Plus one of you will win a copy! 

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