Thursday, July 25, 2013

The running diaries..

Since I've been on vacation for what seems like forever, (I'm not complaining) I needed to get off my butt, start running and training for Double Dare Dumbo.. Our 6 mile run Saturday completely stunk! It would have been better to just to stay out the couch.. Really, I'm not just saying that. Probably didn't help that we were running in high 80 degree temps with high humidity..

 Sunday we got our 5 mile walk in.. The back to back training killed me on Monday. I had to recover, which has probably inflamed my laryngitis.. UGH..

However, I still did Yoga Monday and I could feel it in my hips for sure.. I did some Pigeon and felt them stretch out! 

I went on a run Tuesday and killed it!  My first run was four seconds from a PR!


I was pretty proud of that first mile and feeling  good until about mile 2 when I had to stop for a full minute to stretch my hamstrings and knees.. It made me rather grumpy, but I kept going and was pleased with my overall time..

Ps. I totally have been in love with running in skirts now. I don't chafe nearly as bad with the heat and sweat.. They are fantastic. I just picked up another one the other day. I can't wait to sport it! 

Speaking of watches, I'm looking for a new one or at least something that tracks calories burned! 

These are my requirements!
- Must show calories burned.
- Must show heart rate
- Must not have one of those crazy chest bands.
- Can have GPS. Doesn't need to...

Thoughts? What do you use? How much does something like this cost?

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Karen Seal said...

Great job with training! Love Running Skirts, too!! :0)