Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Returning to the Mitten after a Magical Vacation

I've been dreading this post for sometime, it's probably the reason why a week after vacation, I'm finally posting. I miss all of you guys and reading what you've been up to this summer. I'm back now and you can expect regular posts.

My husband and I were on a weight loss journey, which earned a trip to Disney World. You may remember me having a goal to lose a certain amount of weight and then we could head to Walt Disney World. I lost between 12-14 pounds depending on the day.. I think my husband lost 2.. Either way, we don't really need a reason to go our favorite place in the whole wide world... I have several days to unpack for you, so let's start with day 1!

We left Grand Rapids on a direct flight straight to Orlando! Direct flights are the best. 

                              Upon arrival to Orlando, we had to greet a few characters. 

Then it was down to Magical Express, the Disney Transportation System. It is the second largest transportation system in the world, which is CRAZY!!! I always know I'm in Disney when we get on the Magical Express and see this sign greet us!!

We checked into our resort and immediately were off to Downtown Disney for dinner. We  ate at Planet Hollywood. We hit a few shops and took a bus to Poloynesian.

 Usually, we head to Magic Kingdom, but I decided not to get us a park ticket for the first night because it feels like a waste of $$

Polynesian resort is a beautiful hawaiian themed resort. I would love to stay their one day. We heard it was a great place to see Magic Kingdom fireworks and it turned out to be an awesome spot.

Before the fireworks, we saw the nigh-time water pageant show, which I had never heard of. My husband is on the Disney Boards a lot and found this little hidden gem. All of the floats have music synchronized to the lights on the floats. So cool!!

Then it was time for fireworks! If you ask me, Disney has the best fireworks in the world! They are truly magical. It was great to see them from another spot and they did not disappoint.

Our first night in Walt Disney World was truly a magical evening. Disney never disappoints! 


Two Runners Travel said...

I love the nighttime water parade that goes around Bay Lake. We have stayed at the Poly several times and watch it every night! :)

Britt said...

Wonderful to have you back! Sounds like a blast! I can't wait til we can afford to go on vacations!

Bari said...

My favorite place on the planet. Someday I want to stay at the Polynesian too.

KelseyJ said...

Glad you had a fun time & also glad you're back. When can I see you???