Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World

The title of my blog is based on a new book that I have had the opportunity to read. As a social worker, this book has given me a lot of good insight on children and the homes they are raised in our culture. It has also given me great insight on parenting and a Christian worldview on how to raise children in a society that has different standards then when I was growing up.

 Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World written by Jilly Rigby contains so many good chapters and would be great for the soon-to-be-mom or the worn out mother. Men would like this book too, but I think it appeals more to women. 


One of the chapters I enjoyed is titled " Stress Purpose, Not Performance." This chapter is about how parents need to be careful how they direct their child in achieving or having the attitude of the child being the best they can be for God. What is your purpose for pushing your child to be the best? Is it pure or is their a motive behind it? This chapter gives many specific examples of what not to do and examples of how to help figure out your child's weakness's or strengths. 

Examples: Expand your child's worldview, expose them to good books, spend time outdoors, encourage children to try many activities, involve them in arts/crafts, support their interests and many more.. 

This chapter talked about the dangers of perfectionism and how it can lead children down a path of destruction. This particular chapter spoke volumes to me, especially since I can sometimes have a perfectionist mindset and I have always been an achiever, so I can really relate to this chapter.

Here are some other chapter titles in this book :

Coach; Don't Cheerlead
Set Boundaries without building walls
Use Discipline, not punishment
Teach Gratefulness, not greediness

If you're looking for a parenting book that is in touch with this generation of kids, I would highly recommend picking up "Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World."

"I received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own." 

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