Saturday, July 27, 2013

Celebrating our Anniversary in Magical Way!

Drew and I have been married 3 years! It's crazy to me when I think about it. Next year, will be my 10 year high school reunion!!! What happened?? Where did time go?

We were lucky to be able to spend our Anniversary at Disney World and we decided to celebrate in style! 

 After not being able to go to the Magic Kingdom the first night, I was so ready to get in the bus line and see that Castle!!! 

 This photo is not Photoshopped at all.. Isn't it beautiful?? It was such a perfect day! The weather was cool enough and I couldn't believe how great of a picture this turned out to be. You never know with people using your iphone or camera.. We've had some real dozzies of pictures! 

We spent a good deal of time in Magic Kingdom before heading to Epcot for dinner!
We even bumped into two of my favorite characters who did not want to stand by Drew for the picture. Dale actually told Drew to go.. HA! Chip said I had a pretty face! 

 We then headed back to our hotel to get changed and to head off to dinner. We ate at Garden Grill, which is this really neat restaurant that every so slowly has a moving floor. The floor slowly spins you around in a circle. Disney has their own huge garden in the Land of Living. Many of the food in the Garden Grill Restaurant is grown in their garden.

We had never eaten at Garden Grill, but decided to try it out on our Anniversary. We had a great time and ran into a bunch of characters.. They were quite funny!! The food was delicious. My personal favorites were the rolls with honey maple syrup and their fresh salad. YUM!!
Chip insisted on dancing with me! What a goofball!! We got some good pictures of him and I dancing.. It was quite a memorial moment, actually! You would think I would be embarrassed, but it was really sweet!

We headed back to Magic Kingdom for their awesome fireworks and castle show. You will never be disappointed by their fireworks. I always cry, every single time! It never got old. During the entire trip, I cried every-time I saw "Wishes." It was a magical evening for sure! I will not forget this special day!!

How do you celebrate your special moments? Anniversaries? Birthdays? Where is your special or favorite place to go?

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