Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer is Here...

I'm finally on SUMMER vacation!!!!!!

The past two weeks have been crazy, stressful and insane! I'm so glad to be done for the summer! I'm so thankful for sometime off and I can't wait to blog about my summer adventures.. We have a lot of adventures this summer. I cannot wait to share them with you!

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To celebrate my official summer, last night we out to dinner at Carabbas, headed to Barnes and Nobles and then ate ice cream.. I was excited to get this! I have read all 5 of these! This is the next one in the series and then I will have to wait a year to read what happens to my Kingdom Keeper friends!
Photo: 6 mile run, 45 mins of yoga and 30 mins in the pool! Fantastic day!
This morning, Drew and I ran 6 miles and we did it at the same pace as our 5 miler last weekend.. I was glad that we were able to pick up our pace this week and add another mile!!! Last week, our run sucked!! It's amazing how in two weeks, my body has changed again and I'm able to run. I even did a 40 min Yoga session and then we went swimming!
Photo: Sweat bath tonight!
On Thursday night, I did 5:00min half mile repeats on the treadmill! I was a sweaty beast, but I'm slowly getting my fitness back and getting stronger! I really want to improve my time, so repeats on the treadmill are the way to kick my butt!  YAY!
Last week I was feeling like Double Dare Dumbo challenge was out of the cards, but this week, I'm feeling confident and stronger!!
Happy Summer!!! I have big plans this summer.. I will be sharing more soon!!
What are your summer plans?? 



Yea to summer plans!!!! Have fun! Erica

Sarah said...

It looks like you had a blast on your cruise!! So jealous!,

Karen Seal said...

So exciting! I know you'll do great at Dumbo! Guess it's time I read Kingdom Keepers! I've heard great things...