Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Double Dare Run

Last week Saturday, I was in no shape to run and I knew this week I had to get running again. It didn't happen as I had planned. I went to yoga on Wednesday and decided Saturday I needed to get that training run in. I wish I would have put more mileage earlier in the week, but let's be real, last week was awful. My body needed rest.

Both my husband and I ran 5 miles. It wasn't fast at all, especially since it was 80 degrees and humid, but I'm happy we finished. I took way to many walk breaks, but I had such a hard time trying to stay hydrated and not dizzy. I started my new med on Thursday and it's making me hyper/ dizzy.. Interesting combination..
Photo: 5 mile run done! 
Although it wasn't the best run, the mileage was in and done. I'm excited for training to continue. My goal is to get the mileage done at this point, try some speed work, but stay focused on finishing.. My PF is killing me..
I also was able to catch up on some good reading. I finished the 4th Kingdom Keepers Novel and Finished "Gone South".
"Gone South" is written by Meg Moseley and is the story of a woman who moves from Michigan to Alabama. I love that the story had some Michigan roots. Tisha, main character finds herself moving into her great- grandparents home. 
Gone South - Meg Moseley
Another character we meet in the story, Melanine who returns home to go live with her parents learns she is no longer wanted in their home because of her choices/ decisions. After Tisha sees Melanie around town wearing the same clothes, she invited Melanie to move into her home. Meanwhile, the community rejects Melanin for her life and they reject Tisha for allowing Melanine to live with her. You just never can anticipate what will happen in this book. I was waiting and wondering what would happen the whole story of this book. It was not a typical book I would pick for myself, but I really enjoyed it.

Question: What did you do this weekend? Get outside at all?

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Bari said...

I got outside for my first run post-Bayshore on Saturday and it was so hot and humid already at 8 am. I only ran 3 miles and felt like death.

We should run together sometime.