Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back from the Peach State

Let me apologize for my lack of blogging. I was having a lot of trouble with my app via my mini ipad, we went on vacation for a couple of day and then we all ended up with strep throat. My time in Georgia was very fast, but I had a great time.

My Aunt and Cousins live in Macon, Georgia. She decided it would be fun if we went on a "vacation" and took the kids to some fun places in Atlanta. We drove an hour, which really took us 3 hours because of traffic, hydroplaning and thunderstorms. We arrived at the hotel and the next day we headed to White Water Park.

The kids were so excited to go in the kiddie splash pad. We had a great time and they got daring to go on some big slides.

                     Ridge had a great time and loved sliding with Kennedy.
 Kennedy loved going up and down all the slides.

 Even Paris (19 months) got the courage to go on the slide that her big brother and sister were going on. She is such a little peanut.

We all had a great time at White Water Park and I enjoyed seeing something completely different. We all came out with only a little sunburn, a lot water logged and very tired. I have more posts to come about my visit from Georgia, so stay tuned!

Question: Have you ever visited a waterpark?


Britt said...

Nick and I are HUGE waterpark Fans! We went to Cedar Points water park when we were dating, we went to Dollywood Splash Country on our honeymoon, we live down the street from Pirate's Cove here in CO and on the other side of Denver is Water World - rated one of the top 5 in the USA (which we haven't been to yet because we can't afford to go)

Bari said...

Love water parks - Soak City at Cedar Point is awesome.

Karen Seal said...

Fun times!! I've been to several water parks, although it has been a while...