Sunday, June 30, 2013


While in Georgia, I had the opportunity to run a race for a great cause. Here in  MI, we don't have the ever popular food chain known as CHICK FIL A! 

Man, I do love their chicken! Delicious! Anyways, my Aunt and I decided to run their 5k, even on Strep throat to support their local charity. Chick Fil a gives a lot of money to different organizations and I thought it would be awesome to run something in another state.. I was pretty happy with my pace considering the day before, finding out that all 5 us were with strep throat.

My pace was an 11:30. I was happy with that. I'm working really hard to get a 10 min mile and keep that pace, but I'm also trying to be realistic with my body. 

The winners received Chick Fil a free for a full year.. That would be heaven.. I love their chicken! It was a great race, supporting a great cause and I would totally run one again!

While I was in Georgia, I had an opportunity to read a book called "Women Only" written by Shaunti Feldhahn. This book was revised and updated from its original book.

What I really enjoyed from this book was that the ideas were practical and biblical to apply to marriage. Chapter by chapter, the book touches on a different topic in ways to encourage your husband and to learn ways to handle specific situations. This book has a step by step process. 
For Women Only, Revised and Updated Edition: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men
Even though I don't have children, I could see how making these changes could affect communication with a son. Although some of these areas were things I knew, it was great to have Shaunti re-affirm what I do know about my husband and ways that I can work on my communication style with him. 
I enjoyed this book and it would be a great read for a newly married wife or an engaged couple. 

Question: What is your favorite restaurant out of state??

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Back from the Peach State

Let me apologize for my lack of blogging. I was having a lot of trouble with my app via my mini ipad, we went on vacation for a couple of day and then we all ended up with strep throat. My time in Georgia was very fast, but I had a great time.

My Aunt and Cousins live in Macon, Georgia. She decided it would be fun if we went on a "vacation" and took the kids to some fun places in Atlanta. We drove an hour, which really took us 3 hours because of traffic, hydroplaning and thunderstorms. We arrived at the hotel and the next day we headed to White Water Park.

The kids were so excited to go in the kiddie splash pad. We had a great time and they got daring to go on some big slides.

                     Ridge had a great time and loved sliding with Kennedy.
 Kennedy loved going up and down all the slides.

 Even Paris (19 months) got the courage to go on the slide that her big brother and sister were going on. She is such a little peanut.

We all had a great time at White Water Park and I enjoyed seeing something completely different. We all came out with only a little sunburn, a lot water logged and very tired. I have more posts to come about my visit from Georgia, so stay tuned!

Question: Have you ever visited a waterpark?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer Adventure #1

My first summer adventure begins Wednesday! I'm headed to Georgia for two weeks to spend some time with these cute children, who have grown so much from last year! 


I can't wait to visit Macon, GA!! I love the south.. They are so cute! I leave Wednesday at 5:45 in the morning.. My blogging will be from there.. 

I'm apologizing in advance for the pictures not to match the words in upcoming posts. The blogger app for ipad isn't great and it doesn't attach pictures correctly, so I'm sorry.. I already know issues are going to occur..

 Splitting Harriet

I had an opportunity to read a non-typical book for me. Splitting Harriet is written by Tamara Leigh, I recently read Perfecting Kate and that was good. This book stared off with a drunken preachers kid throwing up in a bar, which is completely not what I expected. 

As I began to read this book, it was very intentional the point the author was trying to get to the reader through Harriet. Harriet attended a traditional church because it wasn't challenging her beliefs and transforming her faith, but allowing her to feel secure. Isn't this true of us? Maybe we aren't being transformed, but are stale mate and cozy where we are at? The author makes a point in saying we read the Bible in a year, yet have no idea what were reading! Love that she uses Harriet to tell a story. 
Then Maddox Mc Cray comes into the picture and attempts to bring change to church. He has great ideas and although intimidating on the outside by his hair and tattoos, his heart is in the right spot. This is a light hearted chick flick with a story of forgiveness and grace.



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer is Here...

I'm finally on SUMMER vacation!!!!!!

The past two weeks have been crazy, stressful and insane! I'm so glad to be done for the summer! I'm so thankful for sometime off and I can't wait to blog about my summer adventures.. We have a lot of adventures this summer. I cannot wait to share them with you!

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To celebrate my official summer, last night we out to dinner at Carabbas, headed to Barnes and Nobles and then ate ice cream.. I was excited to get this! I have read all 5 of these! This is the next one in the series and then I will have to wait a year to read what happens to my Kingdom Keeper friends!
Photo: 6 mile run, 45 mins of yoga and 30 mins in the pool! Fantastic day!
This morning, Drew and I ran 6 miles and we did it at the same pace as our 5 miler last weekend.. I was glad that we were able to pick up our pace this week and add another mile!!! Last week, our run sucked!! It's amazing how in two weeks, my body has changed again and I'm able to run. I even did a 40 min Yoga session and then we went swimming!
Photo: Sweat bath tonight!
On Thursday night, I did 5:00min half mile repeats on the treadmill! I was a sweaty beast, but I'm slowly getting my fitness back and getting stronger! I really want to improve my time, so repeats on the treadmill are the way to kick my butt!  YAY!
Last week I was feeling like Double Dare Dumbo challenge was out of the cards, but this week, I'm feeling confident and stronger!!
Happy Summer!!! I have big plans this summer.. I will be sharing more soon!!
What are your summer plans?? 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Double Dare Run

Last week Saturday, I was in no shape to run and I knew this week I had to get running again. It didn't happen as I had planned. I went to yoga on Wednesday and decided Saturday I needed to get that training run in. I wish I would have put more mileage earlier in the week, but let's be real, last week was awful. My body needed rest.

Both my husband and I ran 5 miles. It wasn't fast at all, especially since it was 80 degrees and humid, but I'm happy we finished. I took way to many walk breaks, but I had such a hard time trying to stay hydrated and not dizzy. I started my new med on Thursday and it's making me hyper/ dizzy.. Interesting combination..
Photo: 5 mile run done! 
Although it wasn't the best run, the mileage was in and done. I'm excited for training to continue. My goal is to get the mileage done at this point, try some speed work, but stay focused on finishing.. My PF is killing me..
I also was able to catch up on some good reading. I finished the 4th Kingdom Keepers Novel and Finished "Gone South".
"Gone South" is written by Meg Moseley and is the story of a woman who moves from Michigan to Alabama. I love that the story had some Michigan roots. Tisha, main character finds herself moving into her great- grandparents home. 
Gone South - Meg Moseley
Another character we meet in the story, Melanine who returns home to go live with her parents learns she is no longer wanted in their home because of her choices/ decisions. After Tisha sees Melanie around town wearing the same clothes, she invited Melanie to move into her home. Meanwhile, the community rejects Melanin for her life and they reject Tisha for allowing Melanine to live with her. You just never can anticipate what will happen in this book. I was waiting and wondering what would happen the whole story of this book. It was not a typical book I would pick for myself, but I really enjoyed it.

Question: What did you do this weekend? Get outside at all?