Thursday, May 16, 2013

Working through injuries!!

It's so lovely to see the weather turn beautiful. Over this past week, I have spent a majority of my time running, walking, swimming, yoga and resting. My PF is ramping up along with having some knee issues. Actually, I believe it to be runners knee caused by the PF.. My hammies are so tight!!

So, when I went out on a run earlier this week, I was pretty disappointed with my time, but I have to remember I had to wear these stupid braces and that wasn't helping.. I went from a 9 min mile back to 12 mins.. UGH!

I can tell the braces are helping my legs and knees.. I need to keep wearing them and stretching my hamstrings. This will help my PF and decrease my runners knee..


Either way, it's been great to hit the pavement. Double Dare Dumbo training has started. My goal is to finish.. With the current injuries, I'm trying not to over do it.. Hate runner injuries... ugh..

Since I've been icing, foam rolling and rolling a golf ball under my foot, I have had a lot of down time to get some reading in.. I have a couple of reviews coming your way..

I also have 1 big summer announcement coming and a possible life changing announcement.. Stay tune, the blog is gonna get juicy soon! 

How have you been enjoying this nice weather?



Bari said...

I'm wishing the weather would stay just a tad cooler for the next couple weeks, but I figure we'll get used to it eventually.

Have you ever gone in for ART? If you want some recommendations, let me know.

Sarah said...

No, who do you recommend? Does your insurance cover it?

Karen Seal said...

Ugh running injuries are the worst. I'm dealing with one now too - which is setting back my Dumbo training. Ah well. Looks and sounds like you're doing everything you can! Keep it up and I know you'll do fine in DL! :0)

Britt said...

You're always smiling in your self running portraits despite the pain! Love it!

Britt said...

Did you make the "Big Summer Announcement" Yet???