Saturday, May 25, 2013

Welcoming another Storm

The weather was perfect for a Bridal Shower. We welcomed and celebrated my new sister- in-law into the family. I was really excited that the weather was spectacular. A nice breeze, but sunny and perfect for an out door bridal shower!

Guests as they arrived. Jason was there to make the women chicken on the grill! YUM!

 Alicia's friends as they arrived.. Dena is a hoot.. You should meet her.. Everyone should have a Dena.. She made me laugh so hard!

                   Eating, the beautiful bride! Who doesn't love bridal showers for the 
Opening of the gifts! Whit looks thrilled.. lol..

The Bride and Groom holding their cake! How special!! 

                                        The best cake in the world, Costco! YUM!

 My sister in law, Whitney being a dork.. Or getting mad that I'm taking a photo when she wasn't ready... Hehehe.

Either way, we had a great time, ate some good food, played game and enjoyed some quality family time.  Now, we are on the homestretch for the wedding! Can't wait to post pictures of this event!

Happy Saturday!  Hope you're enjoying today!


Karen Seal said...

Sounds like a fun shower! The Bride is very blessed!

Unknown said...
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