Monday, May 27, 2013

Top 3 Reason I haven't blogged or ran

If you're a frequent reader, you probably notice I haven't been blogging a lot.. I have many reasons for not being as active this past week, which have nothing to do with being lazy or busy.. Here are my top 3 reasons. I think you will give me grace when you read WHY I haven't been here much.

1)  I have been battling a nasty cold/ sore throat, phlegm, sneezing and coughing. This has really put me down. It has been really hard to go to work, especially when my voice sounds like a man.. EW
When I haven't been at work, i've been doing some yoga, resting, sleeping, and taking Vitamin C.

2) This past week/weekend, I have endured multiple seizures. This has been the worst in a very long time. Almost to the point, I probably should have went to the hospital, but that means more $$ out the window for them to give me no ANSWERS! There is concrete rhyme or reason for why they happen... They just happen... Tomorrow, I have to make a phone call to my doctor and start a new medication. I don't want to make this call.

3) If I haven't been resting or sleeping, well, I have been in bed reading a Disney Series called the Kingdom Keepers. These books are about what happens when the characters and guests leave the parks. I don't want to spoil a lot about the books, but I have read three of them this past week. They are so GOOD! I can't get ENOUGH! Since I haven't had much energy, I have found myself in bed reading them and I think you will enjoy them.. Here is a clip from the author.

Obviously, this has put me at a set back for my Double Dare Dumbo training, especially since I'm starting all over again, but I am determined to get back out there running, hopefully the end of this week.. I know my training schedule is gonna have to re-adjust, but that will have to be okay.

Question: Are you training for anything? How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend? 


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have epilepsy (and a runner) as well and recently changed my meds. It totally sucked. I completely understand not wanting to call the doctor - I do the same thing. Just wanted to say, I get it and I hope things get better!

Karen Seal said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon! :0( I'm going to have to read Kingdom Keepers! I've heard great things about the books!!

Sarah said...

Amy, thanks for all of the love.. It's gotta get better from here!!
Karen, you would love Kingdom Keepers, especially since you're a Disney Fan.

Britt said...

I missed this post somehow when you wrote it, but knew most of the main points from reading all your other posts, but this filled in more answers for me! It sucks that you've been sick and seizury lately! Not cool at all!!!