Sunday, May 5, 2013

Storm turns 27!!

I cannot believe I'm twenty- seven!!! When did that happen?? I feel so old... I can't believe I'm always knocking at the doors of thirty! YIKES!!

 This Birthday was awesome!!! It started about a week ago when I started receiving free- desert coupons for my Birthday.. You can't eat all of them on your birthday! Let's be honest... So, we started eating out and getting Birthday desert.

Friday night, I babysat Connor and Sidney.. They are moving to Georgia, so their parents have been calling us a lot to babysit, so they can see everyone before they move.

To my surprise... 

Photo: The family I babysit for bought me a birthday cake! 
A Cake! 

Photo: And balloons!! They know I love Disney!!

Disney Balloons.. You think they know me??

It was a good evening.. Drew and I got home and we had Birthday cake and Drew sang to me.. We went to bed because the next morning we were headed to IKEA..

At Ikea, we were looking for a craft table/ scrapbook table. I just need space to put my stuff that is just mine. We found this for a good price and bought it. We had fun looking at all the awesome stuff Ikea has to offer.. I love this place! Reasonably priced and good quality merchandise.

 Photo: Happy birthday to my wife- best friend- favorite human- Sarah Smith Storm! We spent the day at Ikea and had lunch for the first time at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Now we're putting together new furniture.

We headed to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.. I have never eaten there before.. We don't have any of these near us, so we were excited to eat there.. The burgers were delicious!!

We headed home a short while later and got the craft table up!


Yay!! Success!!!

It was a great Birthday weekend! I know I gained a few pounds, so I'm off for a 3 mile run..

What is your favorite way to celebrate your Birthday??


Two Runners Travel said...

I would LOVE to have a craft table...maybe in my next house. :) -Christine

Jogging on Coffee said...

Happy Birthday again! lol I usually do something low-key for my birthday. As long as there is cake and ice cream I'm happy ;) hehe

Sarah said...

Cake and ice cream are the best part, Lisa!!