Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stomping out Stigma

As a mental health professional, I know the stigma that is associated with any kind of mental health disorder or diagnosis. So often, folks slip through the cracks, stop taking their medicine or feel so alone. One of the best things people can do it not alienate those with mental health disorders, but embrace them and allow them to feel normal.

Yesterday, I have a great opportunity stomp out Stigma with a few of my favorite people.
Mental health disorders have affected different family members and friends of mine. Being an advocate is something I'm very passionate about and something I feel is necessary for this community. It also helps that I'm a social worker...  

Photo: Stomping out stigma against mental health! 
It was great to see so many organizations come out to support the 5k walk. I think it would be super great if they added a 5k run to the event and I believe they would raise a lot of money!! 
Photo: Stomping out stigma against mental health!

Either way, it was a great day and a great cause! I was happy to support a great organization and spent the day with my sisters! 

What organizations are you passionate about?

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Karen Seal said...

Sounds like a great day and an awesome cause! I'm a volunteer with the American Cancer Society and I love it! It's fun to be involved with a cause you are passionate about!