Thursday, May 16, 2013

3 Great Reads

Well, as promised, I have a few good book reviews. With Memorial Day coming right around the corner and the weather turning beautiful, you might find yourself looking for a couple of good reads.. I have a couple that you might be interested.

Book 1:

It's normal to wish on a falling star. Have you ever found yourself in this position? Having a wish and throwing a penny in a wishing well or wishing on a shoot star? I did this a lot of times as a young kiddo. Do you think wishes come true? 

Thirty- six-year old Kendall Haynes has been wondering do dreams really come true? She is seeing the dreams of her friends, coworkers and even little sister get married, but for her, she is only pursuing her career and that doesn't fit the dream she has for herself. She wants to fall in love, but with no prospects, she feels doomed for love. 

While she and her friends are out to dinner one night, a teenage boy has an allergic reaction to his food. She immediately helps and learns the man she thought was the teenagers father, is his brother.. Griffin soon becomes the unlikely prospect she had been looking for, only the adventure is much different. Griffin is the guardian of his younger bother, Ian. Thir parents died in a plane crash and Griffin is in the Air Force, but has been having dizzy spells, so he has been unable to fly. Will these two become a pair or will Kendall find herself not interested in Griffin because of his life situation?? You'll have to read to find out..

Book 2:

Lyssa Chapman is a twenty-five year old woman who is well beyond her year because of her experiences, bravery and strength to tell her story in this beautiful memoir. What this woman has been through and her story is truly remarkable. You wont be able to put this book down. It was a quick read.

If you have heard of the Bounty Hunter, Lyssa is the 9th child of Duane, Dog Chapman. He is the famous bounty hunter. I have never heard of this reality show.. Maybe I live under a rock, I don't know.

Lyssa is very honest as she describes to the reader how she had suffered abuse through her childhood and teenage years. If that wasn't enough, she had to fight several addictions. This transpired to her being a teen mom at a young age. Determined to get her life back, she moved to Hawaii to live with her father and join the family business. At one point, Lyssa did marry, but her marriage did not last long and she is left raising another daughter. However, Lyssa has gotten her life together by the end of this book. At first you're crying and by the end, you're jumping for joy! This is a fantastic book! I recommend!

Book 3:

Do you ever find yourself asking the questions of why would God allow this to happen to me? Are you afraid to ask these questions or be transparent to those around you because you're afraid of judgement? Why does God allow such pain in our lives? 

Pastor and Author, Josh Ross is very transparent in "Scarred Faith", where he shares with us the loss of his sister, the impoverish communities of Memphis and the questions of his faith. He is man who is trying to be a "restorer" and offer hope to those in pain. This is a small, quick and yet challenging read. It will get you thinking about how you offer hope those who are in painful situations.

Thank you Howard Publishers for the review of these three books! 


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Karen Seal said...

Catch A Falling Star sounds like a really good one! I'm adding it to my list! Thanks! :0)

Britt said...

Can we live closer so I can read all your books?

Sarah said...

Yes, you can read them all Britt!! Ya never know when it might happen..

Anonymous said...

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