Sunday, April 14, 2013

Whoa, I'm not ready for this!

This weekend, my husband and I gained an instant family. We have watched these two kiddo's for a couple of trips, while their parents have vacationed.. 
Usually, we save the money from babysitting, dog sitting and other odd jobs for our favorite spot in the whole wide world, Disney World.  Or we pay off student loans.. Depends if we want to be responsible or not....

However, we recently found out they were moving to Georgia (GA). We are so excited for them, but are so sad to see their family leave.. Goodbye extra income :( 
Goodbye great birth control! It's nice hanging out with them and then sending home with their family.

Either way, Drew and I are spending the next week with these little hunnies, while their parents buy a house in GA!!! 

It's so weird to instantly gain a house, mini-van and family.. It's just odd.. No more sleeping in for a week or working out whenever I want, I have to schedule things. This week I can see it's going to be extra hard to find workout time, motivation and blogging time..

This morning we didn't go to church.. But, I got a 7:30am wake up call by Sid! It made me remember why I loved not having children for the ability to be able to sleep in...

I really felt liked I needed to get a workout in, so I decided to put in a Bob/ Dolvette Video in.. I was hoping the kids would join in, but you can see Sid was not amused.. She wasn't going to work out with me... 

As I speak, the kids are running around. .This is going to be a crazy Sunday.. Did I mention we are getting hit with snow?? Oh, I am so tired of snow!!

Did Michigan not get the memo??? I hear the weather is great in GA.. Like 80's??? Really!!!

Question: How do you get your workouts in on vacation or when your in unfamiliar places, what are your favorite workout activities?????


Bari said...

It's definitely easiest for me to get running workouts in. I always pack my running clothes & if in a hotel there is usually a treadmill. When I vacation, I try to find a place outside to run. DC and Disney are great running locations.

Sarah said...

I hate working out on vacation.. I don't know why, but I really need to get motivated to do it on vacation..