Thursday, April 11, 2013

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

I have been on a hunt mission to find a swim suit. Usually, I don't have the difficulties that I'm having this year.. Stores seem to be stocking less two piece tankini styles and more 1 piece suits.. I already have a 1 piece that is completely fading and it's almost embarrassing to keep wearing it to the Y. The color is so fading and I am disgusted with it.

I bought over $500 worth of swim suits online and well.. they all sucked!!! I tried this JCrew swim suit below, but it was too big! That is always a good thing....

D-cup twist-front swing top 
I tried Eddie Bauer and I can tell you I was not impressed with the quality of their suits. Having spent $300 on a few of them, the quality was not going to last the entire summer.. The material felt very thin and too stretchy for a swim suit. Plus you can't try them on in the store, but I don't recommend them...  I had horrible luck!!


I just made a huge order from JC Penny!! Almost $300 Let's hope I can find a swim suit in this shipment! I usually can find my swim suit at Kohls or JCPenny, but again, a lot of stores aren't stocking swim suits.. I feel like by now, they should be out..

 Speaking of Jc Penny, I scored a great deal on a pair of Women's Nike Fit Dry pants!! They were only $8, but I had a 20% off coupon, so I scored them for only $6!!


They are so cozy and I love them! If they had another pair, I would have purchased them.. Be on the look out to see if you can score a good deal on them yourself.. It will be the best $6 you spent!! I promise!!

Question: Where do you purchase your swim suits from? Are you a tankini or a two piece kinda girl?? Maybe a 1 piece????


Britt said...

try Lime Ricki

I have several friend who have bought multiple suits from here! They're soo cute!

Two Runners Travel said...

Swimsuits are a difficult clothing item for women.....I usually get suits at a department store or Lilly Pulitzer (but they quit with the tankini or one piece style this year). Luckily, I bought a cute suit and coverup on sale at the end of the season last year. Good luck....another place to try is Lands End. I have friends who love their suits.

Two Runners Travel said...

Try JCrew...I LOVE their bathing suits! :) -Christine