Sunday, April 7, 2013

My favorite from last week + Workout Review

Apparel :

1) This super cute hat!!! It was $2.50!!! Smiles are free!! 

( I was eating a Banana.. Not the best time to snap a picture)

2) Some if you're looking for somePRO Compression  socks, they are having a great deal on their baby blue and purple socks (yay, epilepsy representation) this month... I scored a pair of purple for $30 with free shipping.. Coupon code is SOMF4. Pretty sweet deal!! I would like some other colors and their shorty socks, but maybe another pay check!


1) A Dream so Big:


As I have a heart for Africa, and have experienced first hand the devastation of AIDS and the heart for orphans, this was the perfect read for me this week.. It was a great escape from my pity party.

Steve Peifer and his wife, Nancy experienced the loss their son, Stephen after having only spending 8 days with him due to a chromosomal condition called Trisomy. The way the God transformed their lives, was nothing that they could have even dreamed of. After agreeing to be dorm parents in a boarding school in Kenya for a year, their lives completely transformed and so did their hearts.  They experienced first hand the disease, deep poverty and hunger. The two didn't stop, but instead built a life to helping the people.  I recommend a tissue and a couple of hours because you won't want to put this down. 

The Voice:

I love Usher and Shakira.. It adds a different dimension to contest and I like it much better than American Idol!


These delicious and I mean DELICIOUS Apple Muffins from Costco! I could eat them all.. So YUM!!!


I am working on my Run Disney Scrapbook.. I really have needed a lot of encouragement this week.. The awful seizure brought me down... Every time I look at these pictures, it gives me the strength to keep going.. I've been scrapbooking like a crazy woman to get these pictures done...

These are a few things that I have enjoyed this past week....  My workout re-cap isn't that bad for the week either..

Workout Re-cap

Sunday: Walked- 20 mins

Monday: Elliptical 1 hr, Bike- 20 mins

Tuesday: Elliptical 1 hr

Wednesday: Yoga- 45 mins.

Thursday: Walking- 30 mins.

Friday: Walking - 20 minutes

Saturday- Rest

This week, I am going to work on strength training, foam rolling and getting my body rest and ready to train for Double Dare Dumbo!

Question: What are the little things you enjoyed this past week?? If you workout, what are you going to do better this week?


KelseyJ said...

Love the smile hat!! :)

We need to get together soon! For real.

Bari said...

Very cute scrapbook! I loved getting in a couple of really strong runs this week. Martian Half next weekend is looking good - provided I can kick the cold that I've managed to pick up.


I cant wait to do Disney run!!! I am with you on the Voice, what a difference. Erica