Monday, April 15, 2013

Heavy Heart for Boston

Shock, confusion and anger are the things that my brain can process at this point. Originally, I was going to post about a very frustrating Dr. Appt, but I can't even think about that right now because I feel like a community of my people have been deeply hurt.

I'm sure at this point, you have seen the media coverage regarding the Boston Marathon... Would I say that Boston is a dream of mine? Yes. It's a feat and qualifying race that ever runner dreams of. People train years for this moment in their running career.

Will I qualify? No, but these are my people. 

These are the people who inspire me to run faster. These are the people who cheer me on despite my limits and these are the people who inspire me when I tell them my story. These are the people who believe in a girl with Epilepsy finishing a marathon. These are the best. Elite. These are people who run for charity events and these are my people. These are your people. These are our people. If you're a runner, even a 5ker, you get it. Runners are a strong bunch who accept everyone and encourage each other. Running has its people and these are my people!

Runners have always been strong.

I know what it takes to run a marathon and I don't even do it fast.
I know what it takes to have a medical condition that changes you life.
I know the hope that running brings to the lives of others.
I know the hope it brings to my life.

With that, I can only believe there is hope for future Boston Marathons and other Marathons.  Security will become tighten, race fees will go up, registration numbers will become limited but runners, will keep running and will keep fighting for charities, will keep moving one foot in front of the other...

Because that is what runners do..


I'm praying for victims, volunteers, runners, families and all helpers involved in this event. 

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