Saturday, April 20, 2013


This week has been an insane week.. Here in Grand Rapids, we have been dealing with some major flooding issues, which has made this week even more stressful.
Drew and I have been responsible for two children, their home and ours.. It has been a long week and I'm so thankful for the weekend.. With everything going on in Boston, Texas and here, I am emotionally exhausted..  Also, a huge change in routine has thrown me for a loop. I haven't worked out at all and that makes me really cranky!

Due to the rain and the house we were overseeing, I spent all day Thursday taking care of their home to prevent flooding.

Their is a on a corner lot and all the other yards have hills that lead to their backyard.. I spent half of my day at Lowes getting this 100ft hose to put in their yard and hooking it up to their drain, so their entire basement and backyard wasn't a pond! FRUSTRATING to say the least.

I then had to get a generator too because they did not want their basement to flood, especially since they bought a house in Georgia and are trying to sell their home in Michigan.. I had some problems with the generator.. It wasn't my week..

 Thankfully, we didn't get the flooding, but my parents sure did..

This is their backyard, Look at all their water!!!!

 A couple of houses down, they had major flooding and were taking kayaks and boats to get around. It's nuts!!

 I'm glad to be back home. This week has been hard emotionally and very draining.. The spare time I had during the week was spend reading Bread and Wine.


I was looking so forward to this book coming out. When I heard other bloggers were getting this book for review, I was jealous and wanted it. Thankfully, I was able to get my hand on this and have enjoyed every chapter along the way.
Bread & Wine: A love letter to life around the table by Shauna Niequist is a book that you will enjoy each chapter. I want to sit down and read it in one space, but I am trying to savor the journey. 

This is a book with a collection of short essays about different life topis. You don't need to read it front to back, although I am, but this is a book you can pick up and read a chapter and then skip to another essays. The essays are written about faith, food, marriage, babies, running, and trials. It's a dose of everything and that is what makes this book wonderful. I also love all the recipes in her book.. Some seem so simple and she has made me feel better about my lack of cooking skills.

What I also love about this book, the writing. Shauna writes as if your sitting down with her and her friends at the "table" or drinking coffee with her. She relates to her readers and she makes the reader a part of the conversation. 

I love this book and highly recommend it ! 

Question: Did you experience flooding??


Bari said...

Luckily we've stayed dry where I am. Hopefully everyone starts to dry out soon.

Sarah said...

I know.. So much water!

Britt said...

Not here! We got some snow though... but it melted quickly! We never get enough moisture here so flooding isn't an issue!