Sunday, April 28, 2013

A real princess and a run disney challenge

Glass Slipper Challenge

Disney has a way of getting people into their parks and spending their money. I was really excited and thrilled to hear of the New Glass Slipper Challenge.
It is very similar to Double Dare Dumbo Challenge in California. Participants can run a 10k one day and the next day a half marathon earning 3 medals. 4 medals if your running a C2C challenge.. I'm hoping to do this in February. I think we are choosing not to do marathon weekend, but instead do the Glass Slipper event. Registration opens June 11.. Anyone else thinking about doing this challenge??

Speaking of being a princess, my sister had her prom this weekend! I cannot believe my sister is old enough to go to the PROM!!! When did she grow up?? I don't know! She looked liked a princess though!

I know she had a great time and enjoyed herself! I cannot believe my baby sister is going to be a senior next year.

Question for today: Would you do the glass slipper challenge??


Jogging on Coffee said...

The glass slipper challenge is tempting for sure! I don't know if I can manage a Disney vacation next year but hopefully someday.

Britt said...

That looks totally cool! I think it would be worth it just to own a pair of those shoes!