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3 Book Reviews

A Quilt for Jenna 

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"A Quilt for Jenna" written Patrick E. Craig is an Amish story and is the first book in the Apple Creek Dream series. Jerusha is one of the best quilters in Apple Creek, Ohio state. She learned her quilting skills from her grandmother who believe that Jerusha would be a wonderful quilter. Jerusha has been working on making a beautiful quilt for the fair in Dalton.  Jerusha is hoping that by winning the fair she can get out her current way of life. She wants to forget the past and the daughter Jenna she lost. 

As Jerusha is on the way to the fair, she gets caught in a snow storm and gets into an accident. As the book continues, Jerusha reflects on her life, her marriage to Reuben and the series of events that she has endured. Will Jerusha be reunited with her husband? Will she get over her past and see what God has for her future?

This book was well written and I'm curious to read the rest of this series. 

Mountain Homecoming

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"Mountain Homecoming" is the second book in the Smokey Mountain Dream series written by Sandra Robbins where we meet Rani Martin who lives in Cades Cove and enjoys her life. She has visions of one day marrying and starting a family. Matthew Jackson returns to the Cove and the two start talking, but instead of falling in love, they can't seem to get along.
 When Matthew isn't around, she can't stop thinking of him.

 The two start to fall for one another, but Matthew is convinced that they should be together. Matthew isn't sure that they should be together, so he pushes her away, which causes more heartbreak, but don't worry... With all love stories, they end up together and even get married.. I liked this one! Sorry to spoil the ending..

Ring of Secrets
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Ring of Secrets

Ring of Secrets is written by Roseanna White who does a fantastic job at bringing the reader into this book. It is written as if in the Revolutionary War time period and a lot of research went into the book. It just felt very real and accurate. I could imagine each character as I was reading the story.. This is a page turner.

Winter Reeves is a Patriot spy, but Colonel Fairchild of the British Army has no idea that he is courting a spy who is sharing information that he is giving her. People do not really give her credit and believe she isn't very intelligent. I love how the other characters perceive her in this light.

She lives with the Hamptons, her grandparents who aren't the kindest people who demand that is to get to marry within 6 months.

Bennet Lane returns to New York in search of his wife, which is the cover for his mission, but ends up for more than he originally bargained for. He meets Winter whom he starts courting and taking her to parties. He find out that she is indeed very intelligent and he knows she is hiding a secret. 

Winter is dating two men and is starting to fall for Bennet. Unfortunately, she needs Colonel Fairchild for information. Will she make her Grandparents deadline for a 6 month engagment/marriage or will she end up losing both men because her secrets are discovered? I can't tell you, but you will enjoy this book! It's a page turner, for sure!!!

Thank you Harvest House Publishers for allowing me to review these books. The oponions expressed here are my own. I was not compensated for a positive review.

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