Sunday, March 24, 2013

Workout Reviews

Since I have been dealing with Plantar Faciitis, I have been trying to cut down my running significantly, which SUCKS! I'm not gonna even lie or pretend to mention that I love the gym.

I will say, the weather has been awfully crappy and I am so glad I haven't had to "train" for anything in these conditions.. With that said, I spent a good majority of my time in the gym over the past week. 

Photo: Killed some speed workouts on the treadmill..

Sunday : 1 hr Elliptical

Monday: 1 hr Elliptical, Cross Training group- Jillian Michael Total Abs

Tuesday: Conferences, no workout.

Wednesday: Dr. Appt- No workout

Thursday: Rest- Just not feeling myself.

Friday: Cross training- Elliptical 1hr, Walking- 30 minutes

Saturday: Elliptical - 30 minutes, 20 minutes walking, 20 minutes biking

As I reflect on my workouts, I'm very proud of myself. I dropped 1.8 lbs from my big 8 pound gain, so I am happy to see that slowly coming off..  I am noticing a lot of cardio, from this past week, so I need to add more weight lifting this week.

Working out at the gym has allowed me to read several books. I have finished 3 books this week! I can't wait to get the reviews out on a few of these, but for today, I am going to tell you about this awesome author, Craig Croeschel. He is the author of Wierd, Soul Detox, Christian Atheist and his newest title "Altar Ego." 

I love his style of writing and he has a great sense of  humor. I feel like I am sitting down with an old friend who is genuine about his faith and is honest about his own humanity.. I love it.

In this book, Craig call us to think about how we can put our Ego's at the Altar to serve Christ. He talks about praying with people in the aisle of Walmart and how we should pray Boldly and believe that God is going to answer our prayers. He talks about how we should be obedient. If God calls us to pray with someone in Walmart or anywhere else or tells us to do something, we should listen and put our ego aside.

His book brings solid truth. It's not your feel good kinda book, but a real and honest look at laying our life down for our faith. Craig is becoming one of my favorite authors to read.. This gets 5 stars for me!

Question: How were your workouts this week? Any weight loss? Any changes you're noticing in yourself?


Two Runners Travel said...

Awesome workouts! I think I'm on the verge of some sort of injury in my hip/IT band...trying to do anything I can to stay loose! Hope that foot continues to heal.


Awesome job. I plan to get back to running tomorrow but with a new way. No rush.......just running to run for fun. Erica

Sarah said...

Oh, no!! Pam, I hope it gets better soon.. I am hoping these darn feet get better..

Erica, running for fun is the best.. I love when I don't have to "train" for a race and can just run for fun!

Jogging on Coffee said...

I don't know what I'd do without the elliptical! I've been doing a lot of that too. I hope your pf clears up soon!

Britt said...

How do you have time for such long workouts... I get in the gym and I have so many other things to do that's all I can think of while in there!

Sarah said...

Britt, I bring a book and just allow me to enjoy "me" time.. I am more productive in my personal life, if I can workout for a long time..