Saturday, March 2, 2013

Winner + Goals Update

So, we have now entered the beautiful month of March! I am hoping this means SPRING! Here in the mitten, we are tired of SNOW! The sun came out today and it was wonderful.

As I look back on the month of February, I would like to review some of my goals for the year to see how I am progressing and it will help me step into March with some of these goals in mind.

Health :)


WeightI really would like to lose 25 pounds this year. I need to lose it. As much running as I have been doing, I continue to keep weight off, but I am not losing much, which is frustrating. I need to lose the weight and keep it off. Goal date: July 1, 2013

So far, I have lost 2 pounds! It's a start, very frustrating.. I keep going up and down.. At least I'm not gaining more weight..

Sugar: I love candy. It is one thing that I struggle to give up..  

I have been doing really good.. I have days where I don't crave sugar and other days where I can't control my urges.. UGH.. I need to get better on this one..

Salt: I love all things salty. Crackers, chips, munchies. I am going to need to cut down this area too..
This one has been good either.. I need to stop..

dave ramsey


Pay off two large medical bills from 2012:

Done! These suckers are paid off!

Pay off 1 student loan.

Done! We paid this thing off last week!

Pay off half of Drew's Car:

This month, we made one extra large payment on it..

Start saving $ for a house:

Haven't saved a dime!



Our travel plans for this year are going to be dramatically different. Since we are planning a trip to California, none of these adventures will happen. I'm a little disappointed, but that is the price you pay for being a runner, who wants to travel the world!!!

We are currently looking for Plane Tickets to California...

{Other Stuff}

Bible: I would like to read the entire Bible in 1 year. Every year I set out to do this and every year I get halfway through, stop, give up and get discouraged. I can do this! I believe this would help me grow closer to God.

On track for this goal still. I am learning a lot and loving it!

God Size DreamerI have the opportunity to dream with other women about the dreams God has placed in our hearts. I am excited to be on this team and exploring the dream God has for my life... Even though, I have no clue what it is..

I have been exploring my God-size dream , but due to some recent events, I have had some set backs and haven't been able to even look at my dream..

 Finish my 101 in 1001 goals: It ends this year! I have 49/101 in to go! Every goal not finished = $1 to St. Judes Research Hospital

Just checked off another 101 in 1001 goals! 58/101.(Over halfway). I can do this!

How are your goals coming?

Plus, I am pleased to announce my Chobani winner... 

Drum roll..


Kelsey Morrison! selected you as a winner.. Email me your address and I will get it to Chobani!!

Thanks for entering and watch my blog for future posts!!


KelseyJ said...

Sweet! :) Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah said...

You're welcome! Hope you love your Chobani!

Anonymous said...

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