Monday, March 4, 2013

What's in a Name?

Happy Monday!

Where did the weekend go? They always go by so fast! This past week, I finally changed my name!!! Can you believe it? We have been married for almost 3 years now and I finally did it!!

Honestly, I just did not want to go down to the Social Security office and then Secretary of State.. I hate waiting in lines and it seems like just a pain.. And so the pain begins.

Changing my name on everything takes time and I have to wait for my new Social Security card and Drivers License to come into the mail... Ugh.. It all takes time..

As I have mentioned, I have not been in a great spot emotionally, which has affected numerous areas in my life.. When life takes sudden turns that are unexpected and relationships cease, you have to figure out a way to deal. Usually, I can deal with this by running or working out, but unfortunately in this situation, things are bigger than working out..

I have been trying to read lots of positive things and notes to encourage me..
One of the recent books that has been encouraging and uplifting is this little book called Positive Life Principals. This little book remind that the challenges I face are opportunities to grow and change my response towards situations.

book title front

Question: Where do you turn to for positive encouragement when life gets tough??


Britt said...

don't read my next post that I haven't written yet, cuz I'm having a bad 12 hours.... and it's going to spill out into the post.

Britt said...

congrats on the name change though...! the only thing I haven't changed over is my passport cuz I have to go to Canada to change my name... maybe in 5 years.

Sarah said...

I understand about bad posts and how they spill out.. I hope all is well friend!