Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stress Affects


We all have it in our life. Maybe it's that co-worker that gets your blood boiling or the never ending paperwork? Maybe you feel stressed about your financial status or are always taking care of the house and the family?

Stress is our bodies response to anything that makes us feel upset or threatens your balance. Stress can be helpful when it requires us to stay focused and alert. It can be helpful during an emergencies or when one senses danger, our bodies reaction is "fight or flight."

However, at some point, stress is very harmful to the body and cause damage to one's health, relationships, mental health and quality of life.

The importance of this post is to help you recognize stress earlier on and do something about it before it affects your quality of life.

How do you recognize stress is affecting your quality of life?
We all respond to stress differently. Some of us many have physical symptoms, others may have more emotional responses.

My personal signs of stress:

-Not sleeping
-upset stomach
-flushed cheeks
- poor attitude
-angered easily
-shut down
- not enjoying usual activities.
- pacing
-chewing my finger nails (worse habit)

These are some of the beginning signs of stress for me, make a mental list of your bodies response to stress.

Stress can be so harmful on the body. If you're stressed over a situation, busy schedule or argument,  your body reacts strongly and the more it does, your body is "on" and it can be difficult to turn it off. Long term, this exposes your body to serious health problems and can even re-wire your brain.

Serious Health problems of stress:

-Weakened Immune Systems
-Autoimmune Diseases
-Sleep Disorders
-Digestive Disorders
-Heart Problems
-Panic Disorders
-Sexual Dysfunction
-Addictions (Alcoholism, Drugs, gambling, overeating)

If stress is a serious problem, how do we manage it?

Tips and Techniques to managing stress:

1) Identify potential stressors before hand.
2) Have an attack plan on how to handle them.
3) Manage ways to cope.

Ways to handle stress:

- Read a book
-Take a warm bath or hot shower
-light some candles
-create a relaxing environment or room in your home.
- exercise
- Aim for 8 hours of sleep
-Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.
-Take a yoga class
- Take a walk
-Play with your furry friend
-Deep Breathing techniques
- Make time for hobbies
-Take up art or a craft
-Manage your time
-Try to remain positive ( I keep uplifting quotes around my office)
-Create boundaries
-Say "no" to things
-If your weekly schedule is crammed, find some holes and fill them in with "you" time.
-Laugh- humor is good for the soul.
-Spend time with people who fill your bucket, get rid of the naysayers
-Avoid caffeine, drinking and other addictive behaviors to dealing with stress.
-Set daily "you" time if possible.
-Go away for a weekend getaway.

Learning how to identify stress, coping and relaxing, will decrease the cortisol hormone that is released within your body when you're stressed. It will help you live a more satisfied, fulfilled and healthy life.

Question: What are your coping strategies to dealing with stress?? Are you good with stress managment?

As it is National Social Worker month, I feel compelled to take care of my runner friends out there! Be happy, stay health and live the best life!


Bari said...

I love this post. Our school is a "Bucket Filler" school and I truly believe finding people and surrounding yourself with ones who fill your bucked rather than dip into your bucket is so huge.

I've been very stressed out lately, and while I can recognize the signs and I know what it is that's causing the stress, right now I can't do anything about it. I just have to try to minimize how negatively it makes me feel.

Sarah said...

Bari, I hate bucket dippers!!!! They make you feel so bad about yourself and life in general.. I'm glad you have people who fill your bucket :)
Sorry you can't control the stress.. I understand not being able to control it, but trying to stay positive and working out like a beast, like you already do, will hopefully reduce the side effects of stress! Blessings, friend!