Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Showering a Bride!

Happy Tuesday!

Did ya'll have a great weekend??
I sure did!

Despite being sick, I had an opportunity to head over to Port Huron, Michigan to attend my soon to be sister-in-laws bridal shower! It was absolutely exquisite! 

These beautiful centerpieces were hand made and will be used at the wedding.. The wedding is going to have a nature theme to it, so these center pieces will be perfect!

The four girls! It's great! Two red heads and a brown head!

 The three sisters..

 We had like 8 choices of cupcakes and they were so hard to choose from.. I chose a strawberry yellow cupcake. It was delicious and I wanted to eat another one, but I knew it was not going to help my weight loss goals, so I decided not to eat another.

I sure did enjoy it though! YUM!!!!!

The bride is opening her gifts and she happened to get a Michigan cutting board in the shape of Michigan!

We had a lot of fun and played several games! The bride got some sweet stuff and seemed to enjoy herself! What a great time! I loved visiting the other side of the mitten.. Port Huron is a great little place to visit!

Overall, we had a great weekend and are gearing up for another Bridal shower coming in May..

So, I need some help!

Question: What was your favorite wedding gift you received?  If you're not married no worries! What has been a favorite game you have a played at a Bridal or Baby shower?? I need HELP!


Britt said...

I like to give an address book since you're merging 2 families together... I don't know if people even use address books anymore...

I got a beautiful mantle clock that I love!

I got a beautiful set of 3 bowls in my favourite colours (also my wedding colours!) They are beautiful!

Britt said...

Sarah - I just saw this on Pinterest and thought of you:


They're $3-10 a date, and you can give all 9 or a few of them!

Sarah said...

Great ideas Britt! I love that! I will look into this.. Address book is great :)