Thursday, March 7, 2013

Never a fast runner, but always a runner

I have never been a "fast" runner, but have always loved running..
The fastest I have ever ran a mile is a 9:45! That was speedy and I haven't been able to do it again..

Photo: Killed some speed workouts on the treadmill..

I have been talking with a trainer and asking for advice on how to get my speed faster. I can usually run a few good miles before my speed starts to tank. I want to gain speed and endurance, but also be able to hold on to that for longer mileage.

So, I have been advised to run half mile repeats.. I HATE the treadmill with passion.. It is so boring  to me!!!! 

So, I headed to the gym to hop on the treadmill to run a mile and then do my half mile repeats.

Here are my times..

11:06 mile
5:20 half =10:40 mile
5:06 half =10:12 mile
4:56 half =9:52 mile
1 mile cool down walk, 

I am happy with these half mile repeats.. Essentially, I ran 2.5 miles in 26 minutes and that is fast for me..

I sweated like a beast and the workout went fast. I hope to be able to start running a 10:00 min mile pace soon.. I am not giving up on the treadmill speed training, despite my hatred towards the machine, I am determined to run faster. 

So, my plan is to hop back on the treadmill again and do this all over.. 

Question: What do you do on your speed workouts?


Bari said...

Great job! My speedwork consists of tempo runs & mile or 1/2 mile repeats. On my last training cycle I did Yasso 800s. They really do get you faster.

Victoria said...

Awesome job on the workout!
I actually have yet to do any "speed" workouts so much as working on my endurance, although I know I need to get into it - and soon.
Maybe "never a fast runner" (although a whole heck of a lot faster than me! haha), but "you are still lapping everybody on the couch"

Unknown said...

Bari, I am dreading the mile repeats! eek!