Friday, March 29, 2013

Healthy Living Friday

This survey was on Mindy's blog a week ago and I thought it would be fun to answer the questions. Being healthy and trying to live a healthy lifestyle is something I strive for. I'm not always perfect, but I try do my best. I take it one day at a time. 

1.  What did you eat for breakfast? Usually, I drink a shake for a breakfast. I don't like milk, but I love the Body by VI shakes.. I drink them only for breakfast.

2.  How much water do you drink a day?  Each day is different, but I usually drink about 48 oz. I shoot for about 60 oz.

3.  What is your current favorite workout? Right now I am enjoying yogi, circuit training and running.

4.  How many calories do you eat a day? I try to use WW and I have been doing good. The last couple of days have been difficult, but I have been doing really good at keeping track.

5.  What are your favorite healthy snacks? I love to eat trail mix, but I hate all the salt in it.. 

6.  What do you usually eat for lunch? I usually eat a salad with chicken and eat Chobani or Greek yogurt to help protein. 

7.  What is your favorite body part to strength train? I don't like strength training, but I love the muscles that I am finding in my upper body because of strength training that I have been doing.

8.  What is your least favorite body part to strength train? I hate abs.. I just don't like pain, but I like the results in my waist.

9.  What are your "bad" food cravings? I love sugar and salt. I love salt more than sugar. I love salty chips and crackers.

10.  Do you take vitamins or supplements? I take vitamins and supplements each day. I take mult-vitamin, Vitamin C and a pro-biotic.

11.  How often do you eat out?  Maybe 1-3x a month. We don't eat out a lot, I try to plan all my meals for lunch & we try to cook dinners at home.

12.  Do you eat fast food? Yes, I love Culvers, Sub-way and Mc. Donalds.

13.  Who is your biggest supporter? I have many supporters, my biggest is my Drew. He is my best friend and he really supports everything I do.

14.  Do you have a gym membership? Yes, I have a membership to the local YMCA.  I try to take classes and workout there. It helps me stay focused and diligent knowing that I have membership and are paying for it.

15.  How many hours of sleep do you get at night? I usually get between 6-10 hours of sleep a night. I require a lot of sleep in order to function. I need sleep or else I am crabby.

16.  Do you have a "cheat" day? I try not to have a cheat day, but I usually don't eat as healthy on the weekends. 

17.  Do you drink alcohol? Yes, it's rare. It's not that I don't like alcohol, but I tend to pack on the pounds very quickly and I'm light weight, so I don't drink a lot.. 

18.  Do you have a workout buddy? I have some friends and my husband. We keep each other accountable and motivated. 

19.  What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to a healthy lifestyle? The best thing that has changed my life is... My self confidence has completely changed since I started living a healthy life style. I have more self- confidence and my self-esteem is so much better than it used to be. I am so thankful for it.

20.  What was the last healthy thing you did? Wednesday night I went to Yoga class.  Yoga class is so healthy for my emotional health. It allows me to stop and relax. It helps my brain stop. The breathing is so good for me.. 

So, tell me about you.. How has healthy living impacted your life? Please feel free to copy the questions and blog yourself or pick a question to answer in the comments.  I would love to read your responses!

Happy Good Friday!!



Love this and I am going to have to do this! Great fun facts about you! Erica

Sarah said...

Yes, I can't wait to read your answers, Erica!