Saturday, February 16, 2013

Where are we with "Seven"?

If you read my post earlier, you know the story behind "Seven." If not, I encourage you to read that post first, so you understand what I'm talking about.

This month, we have been challenged to spend money in 7 places and I think we have been doing well..

We've had a couple mishaps, but if I had a council, I think they would agree with our decisions.

First, as you know I am trying to aid a foot injury from marathon training.. This caused a few unexpected expenses to the running store, which was not listed on the "7" places to spend money!

1) I needed Superfeet.. This is the best way to cure Plantar Faciitis or so they claim and lots of reviews on the internet.. I need to get rid of this ASAP, so I wasn't going to wait a whole another month to purchase them. The pain was getting unbearable and no amount of resting, ibuprofen and taping could cure. It was a last resort, but my feet feel so much better and the pain is decreasing! 

2) After talking with a girl at the running store, I was telling her about all the pain I was experiencing in my legs, thighs and calves, she told me I need to start foam rolling.. I've heard of this, but I didn't think this was necessary, until no amount of stretching would reduce the pain. I couldn't get my muscles to feel better.. 

She recommended a ball and I love it! Again, another unplanned spending event, but this could be all under the "medical' category if I wanted to get technical.

3) My final expense that was not on my list of "7", was a going away party for one of my co-workers. After school a bunch of us went to a restaurant to celebrate, I wasn't going to go, especially because it wasn't on the list, but I have turned down so many opportunities to eat out with friends at different restaurants, I felt that I had to do this for my co-worker.. I thought I was going to feel guilty about this decision, but I didn't, so I'm glad I went.

Picking seven places to spend money has been very freeing! It has caused me to watch where we spend our money and has allowed me to stop the consumerism in our house! I love that we are not buying into this lie. As a culture we believe more is better, but I am finding the less I have, the more simple life is!

It was especially hard a week ago when I got a 40% coupon to my local bookstore! It was sad to throw away the coupon, but I realized I didnt NEED to go there!!

I am learning that what I think I NEED and what I really NEED are two completely different scenarios! Next month, I cannot wait to purge seven items each day!

Question: Would you be able to pick 7 places to spend money?

Running tip: Don't exert yourself on "rest" days! They are just as important as   your exercise days! If you want the muscles to repair and decrease sports injuries, rest days are a must!

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I need to try the foam roller. I have had a huge stress knot in my back and we had a company come give free back massages. The man worked on my back and I have always only had a lady so I was so uncomfortable. He went right to the knot and really knew what he was talking about. Now I might actually have to go see him because he really helped but geez I cant get over the idea of the fact he is a guy.