Sunday, February 17, 2013

Walt Disney World Weight loss Challenge

Happy Sunday! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend thus far!

This past week has been a very hard week. I'm emotionally drained, physically exhausted and am a complete insomniac. This past week, was one of those weeks you never Want to deal with again..

When I get stressed, I either workout or eat.. It's one or the other.. This week, I had a couple of workouts going on, but nothing significant. The stress has really built and I really need something to look or work towards something different.

Drew and I decided we need a lifestyle change.. We both are tired of workout hard, but not losing weight. After running the Disney Marathon, we both felt like we could have had a better time, had we been a bit lighter.. We were glad to finish, don't get me wrong, but want to get faster and that means shedding some pounds!

We are now going for a weight loss challenge to get us to Disney World!

We both, must lose 15 pounds and I will book us a summer vacation..

15 pounds seems like a lot of weight for me because I'm already smaller, so it's going to be hard.. I think my husband will have no problem losing the weight..

Since I need to set small goals, I have goals for every 5 pounds I lose. It will make it more fun and will help me stay on track!

5 pounds= facial makeover

10 pounds = New hair color or updo!

15 Pounds= Disney Trip and new shirts!

Drew and I are competing against one another to see who loses the weight first.. Whoever loses 15 pounds first, the other person owes a Walt Disney World gift card! I am a fierce competitor and I don't care if he is bigger than I am, I can totally do this!

This morning, we made a trip to the store to buy a scale. I have never owned a scale because I am fearful that I will become obsessed with weighing myself. However, we need one and I wanted to see are starting weight. ...

I am excited about this challenge.. I am nervous about paying for this trip, especially since we are going to Disney Land over Labor Day weekend, but if we are willing to be dedicated enough to lose this weight, we will be dedicated enough to saving for a WDW trip!

Let the weight loss begin!

Question: What inspires you to lose weight or maintain a healthy life style? What are your biggest weight loss secrets?


Jogging on Coffee said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad week. Good luck with the weight loss, a trip to Disney is great motivation!

Britt said...

I look back at pictures from College and realize how much my face has filled out... I don't like it. My back has issues which makes even sit ups hard... Yesterday I did 150 folds in half/side slides.... I don't know what they're actually called but that's what I'm going to call them. I've heard of people who set goals, 5 lbs is a manicure, 10 lbs is a purse etc. I'm hoping to find a membership to a place I can swim soon.. that's the easiest exercise for me....

Sarah said...

Oh, Britt, I understand your frustration! It stinks!! Just make one small change a week and you'll get there!