Friday, February 1, 2013

The month of "Seven"

If you have been following my tweets, I have been reading this book called "Seven." It has changed my life.. If you want to know more about 7, go here!

Jen Hatmaker has challenged me to look at my life by reducing spending,  media, possession,waste, stress, food and clothing, in hopes of living a more simplistic life that leads me to help the poor, the widowed, the orphaned and those incarcerated. 

For the month of February, my husband and I are focusing our attention on SPENDING. We both want to get out of debt!!! I HATE student LOANS!

I am fed up with paying high interest rates and not getting anywhere.. People think we should have more paid off then we do, but people don't realize I work part-time, and I don't make a huge income. I do extra on the side to help with costs and I am thankful for what we do have.

We want to hold off the urges of buying something in an instant for waiting. We want to spend more time giving and being thankful, instead of buying into a lie that MORE is better. We want to focus on using what we do have to supply our NEEDS, not WANTS. 

These are the 7 places we will spend money for the next month.

1) Medical Expense
2) Aldi
3) Meijer 
4) Online Bill Pay
5) Gasoline
6) Panera (I am studying for my social work license, it would be crazy to think I could be kept in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment studying for the next month).
7) Laundry

Over the next month, I will be reporting on how we are doing. I expect this to be extremely difficult, but I expect this to lead us to a different place financially. Also, church and giving is not including in the 7 because we are called to give and I wasn't convicted that it was an expense, but an honor to be able to give. 

As I begin this journey of 7, I have taken a step forward in my God- Size Dream. Because I will not being spend more $, I will have more of an opportunity to reflect on how I want to share my story with others. As I revealed earlier, I would like to write a book, but at this point, I don't know the next steps.

Have you heard of the book "The Circle Maker?" My husband has recently finished it and it's about praying over the dreams in your life. For the next month, my step is to pray over this dream. It is the next step for me. Will you step out in prayer with me?

God-Sized Button

As I step into this month of 7 and prayer, I ask you to reflect on your consumerism  How can you reduce spending? 

How can you give more to the poor? What talents do you have your in life that can serve others?

I also that you reflect on your life dreams.

 What is 1 step that you can take to bringing your dream to life?

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Britt said...

hmmm interesting... I somehow missed this post of yours... I understand the loan situation. I want to pay off more, but Nick is in school full time - not working at all, and I'm making barely enough to pay rent and insurance and groceries. One of our loans is officially under $1000 and seems sooo attainable... I want to just pay it off but it's just not a smart choice for us right now...