Friday, February 8, 2013

The Diamond Life

Do you ever have those moments of set backs? Do you ever why is this happening to me? Didn't I just go through this? Are you tired of being sifted and are always wondering, why me?

In the book "The Diamond Life" written by Tony Scott, he explores our lives as "Diamonds in the rough" that need to be re-formulated, chiseled, shaped and cut into something new.

If you're not interested in transforming your life, then STOP READING NOW! If you are looking to go out and live LIFE, read this book! As humans we are constantly being pressured and the trials we face, our the ones that bring us into new light.

How you handle pressure, difficulty, failure, fear and rejection will determine the significance of your life.

As a runner who feels failed right now, I can totally relate to this book. I am tired of being injured. I bleed running and it's making me so angry not to be able to run.. How I handle this injury will determine how I act when I am ABLE to run! It will help me to appreciate it more. As I am spending this time doing other things, I have to rely on God and try to maintain a positive attitude to carry me through.

I enjoyed this book, which probably because of the season of life I find myself in.

If you would like to read the 1st chapter, go here! 

I received this book for my review. I was not compensated for a positive review.. To learn more about this book and Tony Scott, visit here!

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