Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sparkle Me Disney

Happy Saturday!!

Many of my blogging friends are currently at the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon Weekend! 
Am I jealous? 


Am I excited for them? Yes!!! I cannot wait to read their re-caps and I love seeing all their Twitter feed! It makes me feel as if I am right there with them..

Speaking of Disney runs, I wanted to give you feedback on my Minnie Mouse Sparkle skirt.. When I was looking for a "Disney Costume", I knew I needed something that could with hold 26.2 miles. I couldn't just wear anything, especially since I didn't want shaffage or something that wasn't moisture wicking..

I looked at several companies when it came to running skirts. I have purchases running skirts from one other company, but wasn't impressed and would have not have ran 26.2 miles in one, nor recommend their brand.. So, I began searching last fall for the perfect material and skirt for my Disney Marathon..

When I came upon the brand Sparkle Skirts, I was hesitant because of my previous experience with another running skirts company that I wasn't fond of, but SPARKLE SKIRTS did not disappoint..

The first time I ran in my Sparkle Minnie skirt was on Race day! ( I typically never do this, nor recommend it.) Living in Michigan, I didn't have a choice to wear it.. You can't exactly wear a skirt in 30 degree temps here.. I had to trust the reviews I read online and pray that it was going to be okay.. I was skeptical because of the high price, but it was worth it!

And, it was MORE than I expected!

The skirt never rode up my legs! I did not chaff the entire race! The skirt material wasn't itchy, it didn't ride up on my waist and it felt completely comfortable! I was overjoyed with this skirt and could not believe how awesome it was! Hands down, one of the best things i have EVER RUN in!!!

It has a pocket on the leg, which I kept my camera in.

It has a zipper pocket in the front, so you can carry your id, car keys or in my case Clif Shots!

It can also be custom made for a certain waist size if needed.. I loved my Sparkle Skirt!!

As i look forward to my Double Dare Dumbo, I would love to run in this skirt!
Cinderella anyone??? 

Cinderella SparkleTech

Question: What is you favorite thing to run? 



So cute. Love the idea of a pocket. I just purchased a new camera to run with that is small. It fits in the palm of my hand. Now I just need to sign up for a race......I need to get going!!! Erica

Sarah said...

The pocket is so handy.. My camera felt safe and secure the whole time.. I highly recommend one of these skirts.. They have others that are necessarily Disney Themed!