Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday! 

So, since life is full of adventures, I took myself to Meijer and bought a Paczik! I've have never tried one!!! Can you believe that?

After last night's workout, I felt it was well deserved today... I had a moment yesterday during our group workout which left me feeling embarrassed and feeling kinda weak, but after some nice tweets from my friends, I felt much better and chalked it up to a bad workout day! 

Today, I bought a strawberry Paczik because I like strawberry stuff and thought it would be safe choice..  It's fat Tuesday after all! Gotta celebrate some how.

It was way better than I anticipated.. I think it was worth the 400 + calories!!!

Trying to get a decent photo while holding the camera and the Paczik is a hard task! So many of the pictures looked dumb, this is the best you're getting! HA! 

The sugar was so yummy!!!!!   Sugar lips anyone???

Question: What are your favorite kind of Paczik??

Running Tip: To improve your stride rate, run with a partner who runs close to 180 strides per minute ..


Krystle said...

haha you look cute :)

Britt said...

Oooh I am sooo jealous! I called a lot of bakeries around here looking for one! They are definitely not as popular out here as they are in the midwest. One of the ladies stopped at a Polish Bakery north of Denver on her way to work and if she had known I wanted one she would have got me one! I always ate a Paczki on Fat Tuesday growing up! My favourite is the powdered with Strawberry Filling!

Sarah said...

Britt, I am sorry they don't have them out there! That is so strange!