Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do you tape?

Happy Tuesday!

 I don't know the kind of weather you're living in, but the snow machine continues to kick in and we are getting dumped! I am entirely sick of the snow. The snow keeps me from running outside and has kept me from going to the gym too.. With the roads being icy and snowy, I try to stay off them if possible.

I recently have been taping a lot! The more I tape and ice my feet, the better they feel! I am slowly starting to get relief from my Plantar Faciitis and I am so happy... Last week and this week have been entirely stressful and not being able to get a long run has made me CRABBY!!! The tape that I love to use is KT tape, but my store was out, so I had to opt for an off brand, which has been okay..

I'm a huge fan of KT tape and believe that it works. It provides relief for common injuries, super easy to use, light weight and in bright colors! I love the relief I get in my feet when I tape. It continues to help my Plantar Faciitis. I am so thankful for the technology that KT tape provides. It is made of 100% cotton and is very durable. I love that it's cotton, which doesn't itch or irritate my skin. It also reduces inflammation and increases blood circulation, which is why so many athletes use it..

As I continue to recover from Plantar Faciitis, I will tape! I strongly recommend taping or at least checking it out! Here is a video about taping!

Question: Do you tape?? Have you heard of KT tape? What do you think?


Jogging on Coffee said...

I've never taped before but I think I'm dealing with plantar faciitis too so I might look into it. Thanks for the tip!

Britt said...

I have had Chiropractors tape my back. I love it! It stays on for like a week and has all kinds of cool healing powers!

Sarah said...

Taping is awesome! I highly recommend it! It is crazy how it can heal things.. I just can't believe it!