Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming out of 7

As you know, I participated in "7" this month and I loved it! You know, can only spend money in 7 places.. Remember that challenge??

 I cannot even begin to express to you the freedom of not purchasing things.. WOW! I had two really bad urges to go to the mall and only 1 time did I go.. I walked out of the mall without bags of clothes or more useless stuff that I don't need!!

I don't need stuffitis (inflammation of stuff) to make me satisfied! Last weekend, I was going through all of my stuff and I created a pile of stuff that I don't need.. Why do we fill our closets, cupboards and drawers with stuff that we don't need??

Why do we buy into the lie that more is better??? I think less is more freeing and then I don't have to maintain it all... 

I think coming out of "7", I expected to feel excited to be able to go out where I ever wanted to spend money, but I feel less excited and I don't really have the urges to hit the mall!!

7 continues to remind me that people, relationships and experiences are more important than stuff.. Think about, do you remember the wonderful travel experiences you've had? Or the wonderful family memorjies you have on Thanksgiving? What about that service project that changed your life?

 Are you experiences more memorable than your stuff??
That is what I thought!  Experiences have shaped my life and they make us who we are.. As I look forward to my creating my dreams and moving forward, relationships, experiences and people are what makes my life feel full..

Seven has reminded me that stuff is not important..

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