Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Be our Guest Restaurant - Marathon Weekend

Step into Beast's Castle for a unforgettable dining experience filled with wonder and delicious cuisine as you watch the snow fall from the windows of the castle. "Be our Guest' is the restaurant to experience the story of Beauty and the Beast.

  When we arrived to our table, the napkins were in the shape of a rose and were quite elegant. Disney never ceases to amaze me with the details. The details make the Disney experience remarkable.

The menu had a variety of delectable dishes and we had the opportunity to eat in Beasts ball room. There are three different rooms one can eat in, but we were lucky to experience the ball room. Drew and I both had the Cornish Hen with some vegetables. We didn't want to eat something funy two days before our Marathon, but we did not have a ton of "carb" friendly options on the menu.

 The chandlers were beautiful and these photo do not do them justice. We ate dinner late, so it was dark inside the castle, so my flash was necessary.The fact that we were able to get a reservation for this restaurant was amazing.

Belle has always been my favorite princess.  I think it's either because I have brown hair like hers or I always thought she was so beautiful dancing with Beast in the ball room castle.

 When I called for Reservations for "Be our Guest" restaurant, I did it on the day reservations opened, which was back in the fall. I wasn't going to miss my chance to have dinner at this wonderful restaurant. I hear it is booked up and people are having a difficult time getting reservations.

 Normally, we don't order dessert, but we made this our "Anniversary" dinner, so what the heck? The funny thing is, I lost a chunk of cash (we think at the Expo), which was suppose to pay for this dinner, but it all worked out.. (I have no idea where I lost it)

If you eat here, don't skip out on dessert. It is fantastic! They come around with this little cart full of delicious looking cupcakes and cream puffs. I had a triple chocolate cupcake that was divine and Drew had a lemon cream puff. We both were in love with the dessert and wanted to order seconds, but our stomachs were saying the exact opposite!

After dinner, we had to meet Beast!! You can't eat in his castle without stopping by to see Beast. The best part, we didn't  have to wait in line to meet him.. I lose my patience sometimes when we have to wait in line for characters, so it was nice to be able to walk right up and get our picture taken.

The stain glass was beautiful. If you eat in the castle, you must take a picture by this.. It is just so pretty..

We had an absolute wonderful dining experience at "Be our Guest" restaurant in the Magic Kingdom and I think we will go back to eat there for future visits. The food was excellent and reasonably priced for such an exquisite dining experience. I highly recommend it!

What is your favorite Disney Restaurant? If you haven't been to Disney World, where is your favorite restaurant?


Britt said...

Wow! That sounds like a blast! Do candlesticks serve you? what else goes with the experience? do the dishes sing?

Sarah said...

I wish the dishes sing.. It is beautiful inside Britt! I highly recommend it.. You need to go to Disney :)

Two Runners Travel said...

What a cute post! Love the pic of y'all with the stained glass - totally a framer! It's nice to see MK getting more "adult" food options. I can't wait to try this someday! :)

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