Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Marriage After God's Own Heart

Valentines Day is just around the corner. If you know anything about our "7" journey, you know that if the store isn't our list, we aren't going to buy something from there, nor can we go there.

This year, I think Drew and I will be making our Valentines Cards for one another and we will not be going out to eat, like we traditionally do for Valentines Day. That is okay with me! I like to spice up life and try something different. 

With that said, we had an opportunity to read and review a new Marriage book/ workbook called "A Couple after Gods' Heart written by Jim and Elizabeth George." 

This book takes a biblical approach through looking at marriage through the eyes of couples in the Bible, like Boaz and Ruth or Abraham & Sarah.

book title front

This book also includes a 30 day devotional Journey. I had the opportunity to review the workbook too... Both go hand and hand! The topics are relevant to marriage or to those engaged wanting to look at Biblical marriages.

My only complaint: The workbook devotionals were a bit longer than I anticipated at times, but well worth the time. Isn't your marriage and relationship with God important?

This is a great resource to help with communication, handling difficult decisions, utilizing conflict management strategies, learning to trust God, developing intimacy with one another, taking in depth look at couples in the Bible and realizing that God did not intend for you to do marriage apart from him.

Happy Reading and Happy Valentines Day! 


Britt said...

I traditionally make a make for us for Valentines Day! I always try to outdo myself on the decorating/style! It's a fun tradition, other than that we don't go out to eat, or buy cards or flowers or anything..... I don't like to encourage hallmark holidays!

Sarah said...

I understand completely! We are trying so hard to enjoy life in a different way without stuff!! It's hard, but I like it :)