Sunday, January 6, 2013

Taper- Disney is HERE!

Happy Sunday!

It's hard to believe that 1 week from today and I will be in Florida running my FIRST marathon! I am so excited and nervous. After all the long runs, ice baths, Cliff Shots, planning and training, this thing will be here!

As my husband and I talk about it, I get really anxious.. He is really excited, I'm anxious.. Go figure.... It's interesting to me.. He went from a 5k to a Marathon.. He has no bling and his first bling will be a Marathon Medal! He is so awesome!

We have printed off our waivers and are starting to pack our bags.. My head cannot believe it's really happening.. I've been thinking about this day since last June when we signed up and now it's a week away!! AHH!!!

We have began the packing process. I have began packing the running gear.. I am packing all of it on my carry on. Nothing is more important than the right shoes, outfit and gear..

The Suitcases

Yesterday, we went out on a short 3 mile run and man, I am glad we are done training for this marathon. We had plan to d0 6 miles, but the sidewalks are an ice skating rink and a disaster for any runner even on Yaktracks. The ice is terrible out there.. It keeps snowing and the snow is wet... Wet= ice. It's snowing right now. As much as the snow is pretty, it doesn't make it fun for running. We have a couple short runs this week and some strength training in for the week.. We will be done! WAHOO!!!  This post feels random and short, but probably because I am excited for the work week to be over and on a plane to Florida! 

Well, as I continue to get excited about starting off 2013 in an awesome way, I am wondering what are you doing to celebrate 2013??


Jogging on Coffee said...

Wow I can't believe your marathon is already here! Best of luck :)

Britt said...

YEAH!!!! So exciting for you! Not only are you running the marathon - you're going to your favourite place!!!!!! the Happiest place on Earth!


I am so excited for you! That medal is amazing!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! Erica