Monday, January 28, 2013

Marathon Part 1: The first 13.1 miles

It has been two weeks since I ran the Disney Marathon! I cannot believe it and I apologize for how long it has taken me to get this post up. I have been really excited to share my journey and I am proud of this accomplishment!

As I mentioned in two of my previous posts, getting to the starting line was a lot more difficult than I could have imagined.

We are going to give it all we had, despite all the different obstacles.

We both were ready to go, even though we were the last corral, which kinda stunk because we didn't get to the starting line till about 6:20. Other corrals before us got the pleasure of running in cooler temps, which I think is a bonus, but this was our first Marathon, so we couldn't just join any corral that we wanted, corrals were based on time....

Knowing I had a UTI going into this, I knew I was going to need to drink plenty of fluids, but take several bathroom breaks.. Our plan was to run 10 minutes, walk 30-60 secs and get going again. We had trained this way and it helped me run faster, plus recover quicker.

 We watched 7 groups of fireworks as each corral went off and finally, they saved the best fire works for the last group! I was pumped! I couldn't believe we had arrived in that MOMENT!

 It's very hard to take nice pictures when you're running.. The line starting moving ahead when the fireworks went off, so I had to quickly snap pictures of the starting line.

We arrived at the starting line, (you can see Drew's head) and I thought it was so cool to run through this awesome starting line! 

And were leaving Epcot headed to the Magic Kingdom. We ran on the highway for a while before we starting approaching Magic Kingdom. As we approached the Magic Kingdom area, we saw a Monorail car that tooted its horn at us.. It made me so excited and I told Drew we were on are way.. I even cheered..

As we got to the Magic Kingdom entrance sign, I had tears in my eyes! Magic Kingdom is my favorite park and I couldn't believe I was bringing my love for running and Disney into one day! Plus, I was able to do it with my best friend! It was simply the BEST!

 Entering the back of Magic Kingdom! Behind the scene moments!

 With a first glance at the Magic Kingdom and spectators, that is enough to make you want to lose it .. I couldn't believe how many people were there and I could believe how emotional I was during this race.. It was truly the BEST experience of my life...

                  First picture together at the Magic Kingdom! 
It's pure MAGIC!

(This is one of those photos where my eyes were beginning to well up.
I knew we were close to running through the castle,
 a long time dreaming coming true.)

Running through Magic Kingdom park first, gave me hope and determination to keep going, especially since the HEAT was a killer. Before we ran through the castle, I had tears and couldn't believe I was actually running at Disney World.. 

 I had tears several times throughout this race and wish my family was there with me.. I really missed them cheering me on, but kept thinking in my head, the phone call and texting pictures to them, was going to be the BEST part!

Running through the Magic Kingdom was AWESOME. Something about seeing that Castle and all of the spectators cheering on their family members, complete strangers cheering your name and even being willing to take photos for couples, will forever remind me that this is the most Magical place on Earth.. 

Running through the Magic Kingdom will be 
my favorite place to run
i LOVE this picture! 
It shows exactly how I was feeling! Excited and happy! 

At about mile 8 we started to enter the Speed Way track, which was a great way to stay distracted. I will say, it was blazing HOT and the sun was already full force..

People had some sweet rides and were cheering on runners.. It was pretty neat to run through..At times, I didn't think it was going to end. .You could just see a a sea of runners, cars and the sunlight.

Here is a closer shot of the runners and cars.. It's hard to run and take pictures.. Have you ever tried it?

 We than ran for several miles and I felt like it wasn't going to end.. I kept asking Drew, "when are we going to get to Animal Kingdom?" I was hungry, thirsty and running out of energy fast. Hardly any of the course had shade, so the sun was just beating down on us.

Mile 12 is where we started to enter the Animal Kingdom Park area and I was so glad to see another site.. I need something to focus my attention, especially since I needed to use the BATHROOM.

 Upon entering the Animal Kingdom, I had to go the bathroom. I could feel that my body was desperately needing electrolytes and I could feel the dehydration slowly setting in. I had never been so thankful to see a drink station.

 It was great feeling to run through Animal Kingdom. We didn't see a ton of the park or maybe because I was focused on getting to a bathroom, I don't remember seeing it. I also don't remember this picture being taken.. Drew is behind my head.

We arrived in Dino Land USA and I
 knew we were so close to the halfway point!

 We arrived at the 13 mile marker and we were .1 from being halfway. I couldn't believe we were halfway done, but then the other part of me couldn't believe we had another Half MARATHON to go.. As a first timer, you just can't imagine another 13.1 miles, but I knew we had it in us..

The first 13.1 miles of our Journey are complete and I cannot wait the rest of our journey in my second post.. Sorry this had to be broke up into two posts, but I have sooo many pictures and I just can't write one post.. It would be so long! 

Happy first 13.1 Miles! 
Can't wait to see the final 13.1!!!

Have you ran a Marathon?? What has been your favorite race????


Jogging on Coffee said...

Love the pictures of you guys at the castle :) I have never, ever finished a half and thought geez, I want to that again right now!! lol

Britt said...

Yeah - the pictures are wonderful! I love that they take pictures for you! You looked adorable, not all sweaty and red faced or anything! Way to go!

Sarah said...

Awwe.. You guys are sweet :) It was such an awesome race!!! I think the pictures do a good job of hiding the sweet! We looked and smelled awful!