Saturday, January 19, 2013

Revealing the dream & step 1

I have the AMAZING opportunity to be a part of this awesome community of women bloggers who are dreaming up some wonderful dreams for their lives! 

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been mulling over my God-size dreams unsure of what they might be.. As I began to think about my dreams, especially on my long run in Florida, I began to wonder what God might in store for me.. I began to take note as my mind drifted to those dreams..

God-Sized Button

Here is what I discovered about my heart & God Size Dream:

I often think a lot about having Epilepsy and wanting to keep that part of my world hidden from others because I fear judgment . The more I thought about this area, the more I realize God wants me to speak up for this neurological condition. He wants me to be a voice and not worry about what others might think..

I have a deep longing in my heart to be a stay at home mother who instills in her children the value of deep rooted relationships with one another showing compassion and love towards humanity.

I have this deep desire to run, as it frees me from all health related labels.

I have a love for all things Disney, which probably because I am full of life and fun.

I love to create memories and then craft them into a scrapbook later.

Finally, I love a good book, one that leads me to Jesus or one that gets my heart moving and motivated to see beyond myself.

I have dreams to run every single Disney Race.

These are the areas that my mind drifts to when I am dreaming. As I begin to search deeper into my heart, I realize God wants the world to know who I am. For so long, I have not felt worthy of putting myself out there. I felt that people would look at me, as this woman with a health ailment, but as I have discovered, God wants me to share it with others. He's calling me to be real about life. He's calling me to be real about my struggles..

Then this happened...

 I got an email from my High School French teacher who is part of large running group in my city. She asked if I would be willing to guest post about my story? That meant sharing my struggles with a large community possibly nationally and internationally.. The Fifth Third Riverbank Run has over 20,000 runners a year.. People from all over the world come to this race.. It is the largest 25k (15.5miles) in the United States. If I posted, it has the potential to be read my so many others..

(My French Teacher & I)

 Initially, I wasn't ready to share with anyone!!!!! NO!

What if my co-workers saw this post?
What if professional colleagues from other communities saw this?
What if the world saw this?

Would they think less of me? 
Would they then put the pieces together of how scattered my brain is ?
Would they see that I memory issues?

Would they judge me? 

Then.. God gave me the courage... I knew I had to write it...

 I took 1 large step towards my God Size dream... I spilled my guts on this guest post for Road Warriors here..

My new God-size dream is to write a book.... I already have a title in mind... After reading my blog post for Road Warriors, would you read a book if I wrote it?? 


Kacey said...

What a wonderful story of finding and pursuing your dreams. Kudos to you for taking that first leap of faith.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your encouragement and for stopping by my blog!

Laura Rath said...

Hi Sarah,
How wonderful it is that God is moving you to where He wants you, so that He can work though you to reach others! Remember that when He leads, He goes before you, walks beside you, and never leaves you! Praise God!
Glad to be a part of this God-sized dream community with you. :)
In Christ,

Unknown said...

I love that you overcame your fears and wrote that post!!!! What an awesome first step! He is moving in your life and it is so exciting to see :) Sending lots of prayers your way!! xoxo

Alyjefferson said...

Love this you are so brave. praying for your dreams come true.