Monday, January 21, 2013

Feat ISSUES (Not to be confused with FEET)

Since last weeks Marathon, yikes! I can't believe I actually get to say that, I have NOT   done a SINGLE work out.. Why? Because we have a lot of ground to cover since last week and as I begin to explain what happened last week, you will understand my body has gone through some major trauma..

Last week, I went to the Chiropractor on Tuesday after having terrible pain in my feet from Monday night Yoga class... I couldn't figure out why the bottom of my feet felt so awful...  It felt like balls under the middle of my feet..

I decided I need to get into my Chiropractor right away and see if I did something to my feet that would cause me not to run on Sunday.  Maybe I tore a muscle or did a funky pose that messed up my feet? He began to feel my feet and told me that I had the start of Plantar Fasciitis!!

What?? You're serious?? Do you know we are like 5 days out from a Marathon??

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of thick tissue on the bottom of the foot, which why I felt like I had balls under my feet.. The tissue is called plantar fascia, which connects the heel bones to the toes and creates the arch of the foot. This inflammation occurs when the bottom of the foot is over stretched of overused.. It is very painful.

My chiropractor recommended taking ibuprofen, using sports cream to reduce inflammation, purchasing tennis balls and rubbing them under my feet. He also recommended several exercises with ice, rest and to purchase supports for my shoes after THE marathon..

I can tell you this, my feet were killing the last 5 miles of our Marathon and it showed in my time, which tanked... I am okay with that..

Just wait, the week got even better..

Wednesday morning, I woke up with a rash all over my left leg.. I didn't take a picture because I was grossed out and I can't imagine showing it to the whole world.. It was very itchy and raised. .It was the oddess thing.. I almost went to Urgent care, but feared I might pick up the flu or a viral infection, so we didn't go.. I slapped a bunch of cream on it and called it good...

Thursday morning, you'll never guess it, but I woke up with some kind of VIRAL infection.. My throat was yucky and I felt so congested.. I was sneezing all over the place.. Really?? Are you joking??? This cannot be happening!!!!!

By Friday morning, the morning we were leaving for Florida, I was feeling very overwhelmed, scared and unsure if my body would hold up for Sunday.. It is the most awful feeling in the world to have trained so hard, already having  race jitters and then to have your whole BODY fall APART.. IN 1 WEEK WHAT!!

(Sitting in the airport, barely awake)

You won't believe WHAT I WOKE UP TO ON Marathon morning!! It get's even crazier!!! 

You're gonna have to wait until my Marathon post.. It's coming.. I promise..

Running this marathon, was the most hardest mentally, not because I wasn't prepared mentally to run, but because of all the obstacles that presented themselves earlier in the week.. Want to feel defeat on your first marathon??  I was not even at the start line..

I sure had the obstacles stacked against me.. Overcoming them would be a FEAT!! I needed to find my courage, that is for sure!!

 I can't wait to get my marathon posts up.. It will come in a series and you will see the obstacles continued to stack.. 


Britt said...

That is crazy Sarah!

Sarah said...

Wait till you read what I woke to on Marathon morning.. Working on post and scrapbooking now..