Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming Unglued

Today has been one of those days!! You know the kind I'm talking about.. 
You just want to crawl in bed with the covers pulled over your head..
Maybe you just want to snuggle with your child and forget the day ever happened.
You call a friend and just vent.
Wrinkles appear on your face that were never there from worry.

Today, hasn't been as smooth as I had envisioned. One thing you must know about me, I am HORRIBLE at confronting people, I don't like conflict and I HATE making people angry. Today was a huge struggle at my job full of confronting people and then to come home to two huge medical bills, I came UNGLUED! 

Do you ever have those moments where your emotions take over and you think who is this person inside of me?? I have had a couple of those moments today and I thought to myself, get it under control Sarah!  I am on this 60 day journey learning to accept my imperfection as a I learn to deal with hard things. Each day, I spend five minutes reading this devotional and it's the perfect size devotional to go in my purse or a quick devotional read in the morning on my rush to work.

As I've mentioned earlier this week and in other posts, I have the opportunity to blog with other women who have great dreams for their lives.. I've always been dreamer.. One of the things that I have learned about dreaming and life, is that we must partner with others. As I mentioned today, I had this moment where I came UNGLUED with my emotions and I had to think about the Cheerleaders in my life.. 

Who are those people? 

When life is down, who are the people who pick me up when I fall apart??

Who are the people who encourage me to see beyond myself?

When I come unglued, who doesn't mind my verbal spew?

God-Sized Button

On the blog-sphere world, I have gotten to know several bloggers, but I have two who have encouraged me in moments of great triumphs and in the pit..

Krystle is the beautiful mother of three little boys from Oregon and wife of a worship pastor. She is always posting adorable pictures of her family or blogging about life as a mom, daughter of the king and wife. She continues to challenge my faith, makes me think beyond my comfort zone and allows me to be messy. Krystle is a prayer warrior and is extremely authentic about life. I am very blessed by her friendship, encouragement and support. She is a person that I hope to meet in person some day. I am forever blessed by her friendship. To learn more about her, you can check out her blog!!!

Britt Everett

Brittney is this awesome girl I met during my college years at Spring Arbor! The funny thing about our friendship, we became better friends after college and writing about our lives on our blogs!!! Brittney is this sweet red head Canadian who fell in love with a boy from Ohio. She is a scrapbooker, crafter, reader and full of life. She and her husband currently live in Colorado, as her husband is pursuing Seminary school. Britt has been such a huge supporter and is always  encouraging me.. I love her spunk for life and am so thankful for her friendship! You can fine more about her here

These are two of the many cheerleaders in my life who don't mind if I come Unglued once in a while! 

I have two new friends from God Size Dream Team who I am excited to welcome and learn more about them as we partner on this journey together! 

Please help me welcome Alyson Jefferson who blog at Weedsnflowers! I cannot wait to get know Alyson and I am excited to see how God uses her. I  am THRILLED to hear about the dream that God has given her.

I am also welcoming to my blog, Brittany Douglas from Gallery Eight! Just looking at her blog, you can tell she has a passion for art and design. I am sure she can teach me a thing or two about blog design.  I cannot wait to see how God uses her gifts to fulfill his dream for her life! 

Thanks for reading this long post. What are the dreams for your life? When do you find yourself coming Unglued? Who cheers you on??


Unknown said...

Thankyou so much Sarah!!! I am so excited to encourage and pray for you as we go on this God-sized dream journey together :) Sending lots of prayers your way dear friend!!! xo

Alyjefferson said...

Thank you so much. I look forward to getting to know you more. ...blessings. By the way I am reading the same book right now.

Victoria said...

Those are really powerful questions to end on.

I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :)