Thursday, January 31, 2013

Disney Marathon Part 2: The second 13.1

If you didn't read my first 13.1 miles, I highly recommend reading that first.. It will explain a lot that happened prior to this post.

So in my last post, we had just reached the halfway point. We were leaving Animal Kingdom and heading towards ESPN World Wide of Sports!!

It seemed like forever from Animal Kingdom to World Wide of Sports! It was about 4.5 miles, but in the heat, it seemed much longer.

During the course of the 4.5 miles, there were several quotes of encouragement and I really loved reading them.. It was great way to distract my mind, especially as this is a point where I started to see people throw up, walk and get defeated because of the heat.

 These are some of my favorite quotes! I love them! It was great to see them along the way.. Such a great idea.. Disney does think of EVERYTHING! It's the details of this race, that makes it!


Just running on the highway.. Not looking at anything speculator.. 

Finally, we see the sign for World Wide of Sports and then I know we are getting closer to Hollywood Studios and Epcot for the finish! We are reaching about mile 16 and only 10 more miles to go.. The thought made us exhausted, so it was 10 minutes of running and 30 seconds of walking that kept us going.

Drew ready to get to World Wide of Sports!

 We enter the World Wide of Sports and I can feel my gut getting sick. I can sense the dehydration(I'm not sweating anymore) and  my brain is getting delirious with confusion. The heat is setting in, I need to find a bathroom and I'm going to get sick.

We entering the stadium area and it was great to run on the gravel
It was a nice break for the feet.

I knew I needed to find a bathroom and I had to get through the complex. The gravel felt heavenly on the feet, surprisely at this point.

They announced both of our names at this point, which was pretty cool.. We both were excited about that, but we had to keep hauling..

 As we continued forward through the baseball field, I saw the most amazing thing.. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it..

As respect to the participants,  I did not take photos, but have to share this story with you..

A young man was leading his blind father through the course. It was amazing. These people were hauling too. The young guy had to be in his middle twenties and his father had to be in his sixties, but the two of them were doing it.. Imagine being blind and having your child lead you through a marathon?? Fantastic! I cannot believe the courage and determination of these two people.. It kept me going..

After we left the baseball field, I found a bathroom where my gut couldn't hold anything.. My husband got a nice break and was able to take off his shoes, but I knew this would not be good for our time. This was by the far the longest and worse bathroom trip, but NATURE calls people! 

 We entered the mile 20 area and I knew we were in jeopardy of being pulled off the course. These bathroom breaks cost us time and I was not about ready to give up.. We hauled to make up time.. 

Disney promised something cool for mile 20, I thought it was going to be a concert with a famous music group, but it was instead these Giant Puppets..





Tigger, my favorite Disney Character!
He was super cute!

We then were headed to mile 20, which is under this sign and only 6.2 to go! WAHOO!

Minnie saw my outfit and blew kisses at me.. It was so sweet... I want to stop and get pictures, but we were in jeopardy of getting picked up because my bathroom trip cost us a good 10 minutes.. We had to pick up our speed..

I was getting angry.. I did not come this far to get picked up!

We reached mile 21 and saw all of the buses lined up and ready to pick people up. Luckily for us, we were on track to finishing on time, but we didn't realize it then.

This is the part of the picture taking where it stopped and I got serious about moving as fast as my body could go.. We had to make it to Hollywood Studios and then once we made it there, it was getting to boardwalk where we couldn't get picked up by pacers.. You can't imagine the anxiety I was feeling, especially knowing that the heat, my bathroom trips and dizziness was causing us to slow our pace and risking getting picked up.

The anxiety was enough for me to suck up the pain and keep going.. I would not be a failure! We just kept running.

We entered Hollywood Studios and I have no pictures! As my husband said "it was do or die time." 

We were at Mile 23 and my feet felt awful. I was so dizzy and felt so disoriented. We kept going.. and going..

We finally reached Board Walk, which was very narrow and hard to navigate the people. It was very tight and you couldn't pass people. I was getting frustrated.. I wanted to be done because I was sick of heat, the people and my feet were dying.

After another 1.5 miles, we finally saw the opening to Epcot and I knew the finish line was only 1.2 miles to go..

 I had to walk in Epcot, I was getting so dizzy.. I needed to rest, so I could finish strong. I saw several people throw up and one person received medical attention. As soon as I saw that, I knew I had to get running again and focus my energy on finishing.. What energy I had left anyways..

We got running and people were cheering us on! It was awesome.. We saw and heard the gospel choir, I lost it.. I was in tears and couldn't believe we had made it this far. As I am posting, I am crying again.. If you have never done this, it is the best experience of your life. If you have medical obstacles, this is that much sweeter and it was especially for me.. We rounded near the finish line and I told my husband "Let's Gun it."

We took a video of finishing and of course me crying, but it needs some editing.. I will post it sometime soon.. 

We headed towards the finish line and I gave it everything I had.. I heard Jillian Michael's in my head saying "Finish Strong!" 

(The time on this shot is not correct0
And we did it!

My emotions were everywhere from excitement to pain and tearful that I had just accomplished the biggest thing on my bucket list!

As I reflect on this day, I am in awe of our journey, I am thankful for my husband, I am gracious for finishing and I am overjoyed that my body overcame a huge medical feat. Today, Epilepsy didn't exist, but a person with determination, sheer will power and a dedicated husband to making a dream come true.

This day was truly the most memorable day of my life and I am excited to see the new running journey adventure.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Marathon Part 1: The first 13.1 miles

It has been two weeks since I ran the Disney Marathon! I cannot believe it and I apologize for how long it has taken me to get this post up. I have been really excited to share my journey and I am proud of this accomplishment!

As I mentioned in two of my previous posts, getting to the starting line was a lot more difficult than I could have imagined.

We are going to give it all we had, despite all the different obstacles.

We both were ready to go, even though we were the last corral, which kinda stunk because we didn't get to the starting line till about 6:20. Other corrals before us got the pleasure of running in cooler temps, which I think is a bonus, but this was our first Marathon, so we couldn't just join any corral that we wanted, corrals were based on time....

Knowing I had a UTI going into this, I knew I was going to need to drink plenty of fluids, but take several bathroom breaks.. Our plan was to run 10 minutes, walk 30-60 secs and get going again. We had trained this way and it helped me run faster, plus recover quicker.

 We watched 7 groups of fireworks as each corral went off and finally, they saved the best fire works for the last group! I was pumped! I couldn't believe we had arrived in that MOMENT!

 It's very hard to take nice pictures when you're running.. The line starting moving ahead when the fireworks went off, so I had to quickly snap pictures of the starting line.

We arrived at the starting line, (you can see Drew's head) and I thought it was so cool to run through this awesome starting line! 

And were leaving Epcot headed to the Magic Kingdom. We ran on the highway for a while before we starting approaching Magic Kingdom. As we approached the Magic Kingdom area, we saw a Monorail car that tooted its horn at us.. It made me so excited and I told Drew we were on are way.. I even cheered..

As we got to the Magic Kingdom entrance sign, I had tears in my eyes! Magic Kingdom is my favorite park and I couldn't believe I was bringing my love for running and Disney into one day! Plus, I was able to do it with my best friend! It was simply the BEST!

 Entering the back of Magic Kingdom! Behind the scene moments!

 With a first glance at the Magic Kingdom and spectators, that is enough to make you want to lose it .. I couldn't believe how many people were there and I could believe how emotional I was during this race.. It was truly the BEST experience of my life...

                  First picture together at the Magic Kingdom! 
It's pure MAGIC!

(This is one of those photos where my eyes were beginning to well up.
I knew we were close to running through the castle,
 a long time dreaming coming true.)

Running through Magic Kingdom park first, gave me hope and determination to keep going, especially since the HEAT was a killer. Before we ran through the castle, I had tears and couldn't believe I was actually running at Disney World.. 

 I had tears several times throughout this race and wish my family was there with me.. I really missed them cheering me on, but kept thinking in my head, the phone call and texting pictures to them, was going to be the BEST part!

Running through the Magic Kingdom was AWESOME. Something about seeing that Castle and all of the spectators cheering on their family members, complete strangers cheering your name and even being willing to take photos for couples, will forever remind me that this is the most Magical place on Earth.. 

Running through the Magic Kingdom will be 
my favorite place to run
i LOVE this picture! 
It shows exactly how I was feeling! Excited and happy! 

At about mile 8 we started to enter the Speed Way track, which was a great way to stay distracted. I will say, it was blazing HOT and the sun was already full force..

People had some sweet rides and were cheering on runners.. It was pretty neat to run through..At times, I didn't think it was going to end. .You could just see a a sea of runners, cars and the sunlight.

Here is a closer shot of the runners and cars.. It's hard to run and take pictures.. Have you ever tried it?

 We than ran for several miles and I felt like it wasn't going to end.. I kept asking Drew, "when are we going to get to Animal Kingdom?" I was hungry, thirsty and running out of energy fast. Hardly any of the course had shade, so the sun was just beating down on us.

Mile 12 is where we started to enter the Animal Kingdom Park area and I was so glad to see another site.. I need something to focus my attention, especially since I needed to use the BATHROOM.

 Upon entering the Animal Kingdom, I had to go the bathroom. I could feel that my body was desperately needing electrolytes and I could feel the dehydration slowly setting in. I had never been so thankful to see a drink station.

 It was great feeling to run through Animal Kingdom. We didn't see a ton of the park or maybe because I was focused on getting to a bathroom, I don't remember seeing it. I also don't remember this picture being taken.. Drew is behind my head.

We arrived in Dino Land USA and I
 knew we were so close to the halfway point!

 We arrived at the 13 mile marker and we were .1 from being halfway. I couldn't believe we were halfway done, but then the other part of me couldn't believe we had another Half MARATHON to go.. As a first timer, you just can't imagine another 13.1 miles, but I knew we had it in us..

The first 13.1 miles of our Journey are complete and I cannot wait the rest of our journey in my second post.. Sorry this had to be broke up into two posts, but I have sooo many pictures and I just can't write one post.. It would be so long! 

Happy first 13.1 Miles! 
Can't wait to see the final 13.1!!!

Have you ran a Marathon?? What has been your favorite race????

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Coming Unglued

Today has been one of those days!! You know the kind I'm talking about.. 
You just want to crawl in bed with the covers pulled over your head..
Maybe you just want to snuggle with your child and forget the day ever happened.
You call a friend and just vent.
Wrinkles appear on your face that were never there from worry.

Today, hasn't been as smooth as I had envisioned. One thing you must know about me, I am HORRIBLE at confronting people, I don't like conflict and I HATE making people angry. Today was a huge struggle at my job full of confronting people and then to come home to two huge medical bills, I came UNGLUED! 

Do you ever have those moments where your emotions take over and you think who is this person inside of me?? I have had a couple of those moments today and I thought to myself, get it under control Sarah!  I am on this 60 day journey learning to accept my imperfection as a I learn to deal with hard things. Each day, I spend five minutes reading this devotional and it's the perfect size devotional to go in my purse or a quick devotional read in the morning on my rush to work.

As I've mentioned earlier this week and in other posts, I have the opportunity to blog with other women who have great dreams for their lives.. I've always been dreamer.. One of the things that I have learned about dreaming and life, is that we must partner with others. As I mentioned today, I had this moment where I came UNGLUED with my emotions and I had to think about the Cheerleaders in my life.. 

Who are those people? 

When life is down, who are the people who pick me up when I fall apart??

Who are the people who encourage me to see beyond myself?

When I come unglued, who doesn't mind my verbal spew?

God-Sized Button

On the blog-sphere world, I have gotten to know several bloggers, but I have two who have encouraged me in moments of great triumphs and in the pit..

Krystle is the beautiful mother of three little boys from Oregon and wife of a worship pastor. She is always posting adorable pictures of her family or blogging about life as a mom, daughter of the king and wife. She continues to challenge my faith, makes me think beyond my comfort zone and allows me to be messy. Krystle is a prayer warrior and is extremely authentic about life. I am very blessed by her friendship, encouragement and support. She is a person that I hope to meet in person some day. I am forever blessed by her friendship. To learn more about her, you can check out her blog!!!

Britt Everett

Brittney is this awesome girl I met during my college years at Spring Arbor! The funny thing about our friendship, we became better friends after college and writing about our lives on our blogs!!! Brittney is this sweet red head Canadian who fell in love with a boy from Ohio. She is a scrapbooker, crafter, reader and full of life. She and her husband currently live in Colorado, as her husband is pursuing Seminary school. Britt has been such a huge supporter and is always  encouraging me.. I love her spunk for life and am so thankful for her friendship! You can fine more about her here

These are two of the many cheerleaders in my life who don't mind if I come Unglued once in a while! 

I have two new friends from God Size Dream Team who I am excited to welcome and learn more about them as we partner on this journey together! 

Please help me welcome Alyson Jefferson who blog at Weedsnflowers! I cannot wait to get know Alyson and I am excited to see how God uses her. I  am THRILLED to hear about the dream that God has given her.

I am also welcoming to my blog, Brittany Douglas from Gallery Eight! Just looking at her blog, you can tell she has a passion for art and design. I am sure she can teach me a thing or two about blog design.  I cannot wait to see how God uses her gifts to fulfill his dream for her life! 

Thanks for reading this long post. What are the dreams for your life? When do you find yourself coming Unglued? Who cheers you on??